Does anyone agree that our recruiting has lost some steam?

Sure seems that way. Guess the losing streak didn’t help the cause, and also the fact that we compete closely with Ole Pi$$ and Tenn. for recruits, both getting way better press that the Hogs. It’s imperative that we beat OM this season


Not one bit.

We filled our class before school started, basically. We are now cherry-picking players to focus on for the final spots. And, of course, waiting on the portal to open.

The better you recruit, the harder it becomes to move the needle. We went from beating G5 schools for many recruits to beating P5 schools for most/all recruits. The players we are often chasing are coveted by EVERYBODY. You lose more of those than you win, even if A&M, Bama, Georgia, Clemson, and the other unicorns in the recruiting game.

We appear to be deeper into JR and SO recruiting than ever before (but that could be good journalism, too!).


I don’t think so we just signed a whole lot of our class early.

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Agree with Oklahawg. We filled needs and I hope we can keep them. I don’t get excited about what other schools are doing. We ARE Arkansas!


We have 23 commits. That doesn’t leave room to add more, especially if Sam wants to save a couple of portal slots.

In other words, relax.


BTW, Bama received the commitment of a 5-star QB from Cal today.

We can sign as many as we want I think , just have to keep it at 85….

We will see some transfers come in, and will have some transfer out… I think we might still add a recruit or two …

Correct. They suspended the 25-signee rule for two years, then will reassess when they know if portal madness has calmed down. And we won’t know how many we can sign until we see how many leave in January, and there will be some leave, guaranteed.

to paraphrase Brent Venables who seems like a good dude despite being OK head man. Parents are often just agents and he (Venables) is not going to lose sleep over something he never had (unsigned/uncommitted recruit). Practical is not an adjective often applicable to recruiting and we are just waiting the portal rumble. Injuries may force a need for reheating our pursuit but we are in great shape.

This staff does an excellent job of getting guys on campus early and often. Absolutely key in recruiting.

Arkansas is close on some ‘24s.

Some of them below.

WR Parker Livingstone- Lucas, Texas

LB Brian Huff-Valley View

LB Melvin Laster- Liberty, Mo.

OL Max Anderson-Frisco, (Texas) Reedy

As noted elsewhere, Arkansas definitely in the running for DL Kavion Henderson, who announces on Sunday.

They’re in the running for several others.


I was thinking more in terms of the 2024 class when I posted, however there are/were a few remaining in 2023 that would have really finished the class off well (Markis Deal comes to mind first) . But it doesn’t appear that we have a shot at these final 2-3 four stars

I things could heat up fairly soon for the '24s.

Chances for Deal went down after his OV.

Richard what happened on the OV? Seems like we were in real good shape going into the visit ? I’m talking about Deal

Best I remember both parties agreed it was best to do something else.

Nothing new there.

For the Hogs he was not the real Deal.
Sorry, someone had to say it.

Just makes sense to get guys on campus, because, heck, they may hate it here, and I rather them visit early and figure that out then we recruit the heck out of them, get their commitment and they transfer - for no reason other than they don’t like it here. Makes sense to get guys here early and often.

Until I see something different I fully believe we are right on track. Our coaches has managed to turn a guy that came to play slot receiver into the #1 running back in the Sec. WPS

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Wanted too large of an NIL deal? At least that was rumored.

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