Does anybody think UF would want to play us...

again next Saturday? Sometimes that’s a good way of knowing just how complete of a win you have. Ask yourself if the opposing team just thought “ah, man, we just let that one get away.” I’d be willing to bet UF would give a resounding “NO” if asked to play Arkansas again next Saturday. They were physically punished over and over. This is what Bielema wants his Arkansas team to be.
People rightly talk about how teams perform poorly the week after playing Alabama because of the physical beating they put on you This is one time I can compare that to what Arkansas did yesterday. Florida will not be the same team physically or mentally after the butt-whipping they received in Fayetteville Saturday afternoon. There were Gators laying on the field in the second half after the play had ended over and over.
LSU had to face mighty Alabama and their physicality last night. They played with as much heart and as much emotion a team can muster, and it still wasn’t enough to beat Alabama. Arkansas needs to come out with the same attitude next week against this LSU team and do exactly what it did to UF. Make their tails quit. Maybe, just maybe it’ll happen.

They would not. They may not have any players left for a game the following week. They left here with about 10 players injured. Some are probably not done for the year, but some are done. They didn’t just lose, they got whipped. In the SEC, it’s all about the schedule. You play a team after they get four or five key players injured, it’s your good fortune.

Florida has some good defensive players. They are not so good in the offensive line. They have good players in the defensive line, good linebackers and very good players in the secondary. They are not as good in the defensive line as Auburn, Alabama and Texas A&M and maybe not as good in the defensive line as Arkansas.

It’s all about matchups in the trenches.This was a better one for Arkansas.

This is how A&M explains their collapse of the two previous years. They won but Ark knocked out so many of their players, they were never the same team the rest of the year.

The Florida game is the first time this year we have played with that great physcicality.

Years ago, we beat a truly talented USC team in Little Rock. After that game the USC players talked about how they had never been hit so hard. Dennis Winston delivered many of those bone crushing blows. I will wager that to this day if you meet Pat Hayden (sp) or any of the others on that USC team, the first thing they will speak of is Dennis Winston.

When BB’s teams play physically, they play like Dennis Winston. They don’t just hit you, they leave permanent scars.

I don’t think they would WAnt a second week of what our Razorbacks did to them

We have enough data to see a Coach Bret led team that gives us a reliable trend

Arkansas under Coach Btet gets stronger in November - I suspect Bama wants to keep Ark early in the schedule and LSU wants to play Ark early too

I’m liking what Coach Bret is doing

Even in the horrid first year Arkansas improved and had a chance to beat LSU on the last series of that last game in the bad first year

You could see the improvement

JFB always said: “They will remember what you do in November”

Arkansas "Looks like Arkansas again fir the first time this season

Just think what that OLine will look like at Bowl time and next year

They will make A Allen look even better and he is very good - naw - remarkable - right now

Hoping for 9 wins and. 10th win in a bowl game

Actually, I once asked Pat Haden about that very subject (he was going to call the 1988 Arkansas-Miami game in the Orange Bowl, the one we lost on the late field goal, and I called him that week for a pregame story). He laughed and said he figured that night in WMS was going to come up. Didn’t mention Dennis specifically, but he did mention how intense Arkansas was that night, and poked fun at himself for tackling himself for a safety (he dropped back to pass and stepped out the back of the end zone without being touched).