Does anybody not believe the ball was juiced this year?

I have watched baseball for 60 years. This year I have noticed the ball is wound like a golf ball. I saw some guy earlier this year hit a ball into the stands for a home run and the ball bounced 50’-60’ in the air after hitting the concrete. Guys are routinely hitting the ball 450-475 feet.

I watched the Cardinals last night…the last play of the game…DeJong barely swung at the ball and it went 400 feet. Everybody is hitting at least 20 home runs, it seems. It makes sense. The pitchers are so overpowering now, that nobody wants to watch guys hit .220 and a bunch of singles. This hot ball makes the game more fun, but more dangerous. MLB needs to make the teams put up more netting along the lines. Someone could get killed by a foul ball. What are they waiting on to fix this problem? You don’t even notice the net after you sit there for a while.

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I have believed that all year…too many home runs being hit by players that are unlikely candidates

In addition, it seems that players are going for the homer instead of the base hit. Striking out a lot doesn’t seem to have any consequences as long as the player bombs away.

Not only are players swinging for the fences and living with the strikeouts, but they have started altering their swing planes to optimize their chances of hitting a home run; what we used to call an uppercut swing when I was attempting to play the game.

The ball is juiced
Launch angle is all the rage
K’s aren’t as taboo as once before

You get a pitcher to buckle these hitters knees a few times and when their BA dips to the Mendoza line they start trying to get bad hits. The long ball in baseball directly relates to the same problem in football where scoring is up and defense has been forgotten.
Just more hype for this cheating young generation. Self serving and absorbed in the me thing!

There are things that set you up for more home runs. Maybe the ball is juiced more. Not sure. But pitchers have resorted more to the curve ball. That’s the home run pitch for many. A hanger lends itself to being hit a long way because it’s up in the zone, where hitters have their power. The longest home runs I’ve seen have mostly been breakers left in the wheel house. I think the trend nationally is for more curve balls. So I think that is part of this power surge. That’s what I’ve been told by those who know the game.

like some one said…its either home runs or strikeouts…it seems that the hit and run;bunting for a base hit(for the most part…not bunting to move a runner over);double steals and other aspects are no longer taught or stressed.while i appreciate the "long ball"i’d like to see a return to “the old ways”…just my 2 cents worth…