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What our strength of Schedule would be if we pick up ga and fla?

The Georgia-Florida reports are incorrect. The plan, according to Heather Dinich of ESPN, is to rotate the 2021 and 2022 teams off the established SEC rotation on for this year. Which is Georgia (2021) and South Carolina (2022) for us. Florida is the 2023 team.

Bama gets Florida ('21) and Vandy ('22) under that plan. Florida would get Bama and TAM.

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From what I have seen from various reporters on Twitter, there is no definite plan for the schedule yet. There are at least three options, and the ADs will vote on them, perhaps tomorrow (as I’ve heard they are scheduled to meet then).

There was talk of getting the next two teams on each school’s rotation (which would be Georgia and South Carolina for the Hogs), but on Paul Finebaum this afternoon after he suggested that, he corrected himself to say that SEC sources were telling him that was not necessarily the plan. That could still happen, but we’ll see.

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Notwithstanding the fact that these are probably not the teams we would pick up (as per comments already posted - appears it would be Georgia and S. Carolina)…it’s very, very difficult to tell with everybody’s (around the country) schedule in such a state of flux. The proverbial dust will have to settle before that kind of thing can be answered.

Remember, SOS is a relative measure in comparison to everybody else. So with their schedules changing by the day, it will be a little while yet before we know.

That said, something I figured out more than 15 years ago is that year in, year out…Arkansas will always have a “top 20” SOS, and frequently Top 10. And if you consider it on a 5 to 10 year rolling average (taking a given period and aggregating the SOS over that period), Arkansas has a Top 5 if not THE hardest schedule in the country.

That’s not just hyperbole. Consider this; in a four round golf tournament, the player who wins (i.e., has the best score over the entire 72 hole event) often does not “win” any of the four days themselves. For example, they may shoot 67-69-69-68 for a total of 7 under to win (on a par 70 course), while Thursday’s best round was a 66, Friday’s was a 68, Saturday’s was a 67 and Sunday’s was 67 again. But the guy who shot Thursday’s 66 ballooned to 73 on Friday. Friday’s owner of the best score opened with a 72 the first day, and then shot 71- 69 over the weekend. And so forth.

The reason I use the golf analogy is that ALL most people ever hear about in a given year is THE one team anointed with the hardest schedule (and that’s based on PRE-season expectations and LAST season’s records, not what the actuals end up being). So, let’s say Arkansas’ SOS in a 5 year period is (for example) 3-12-11-5-7. In none of those years did they have THE hardest schedule, so no one particularly thinks about just how difficult their schedule is over the long haul. You’ll hear that, say, Vandy had the hardest schedule for this season…or Notre Dame’s was most difficult in that year, or whoever. What you DON’T hear is that in the remaining 4 years (of the 5 year period), their SOS was 14, 20, 8, and 24. What lingers in one’s memory is that Vandy, and Notre Dame and Miami and even Alabama has THE hardest schedule (pre season) for ONE of the five seasons. But, meanwhile, it was (in this example) Arkansas that had the hardest schedule over the entire 5 year period.

I posted this same thing, almost verbatim, back in 2014. I’d actually claimed it for more than a decade by then, but I finally had some tangible proof by 2014. Take a look at this…and be sure to scroll down to absorb all it has to say. (I’m not sure if something similar has been done for the years since, but the results would be close to the same where Arkansas is concerned).

“Moral to the story”…don’t worry about the Hogs’ SOS…it is ALWAYS among the most difficult in the country…and in the years when it’s - say - “only” 24th, that most likely comes on the heels of seasons when it was Top 10 and right before another when it may be Top 5. In comparison to everybody else, they SHOULD have nothing to say (although ignorant fans and journalists who simply don’t understand what I’ve written here will continue to run their mouths about it, as always).

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