Does anybody know what to expect?

Rankings of Florida opponents to date - FBS - scoring offense:

  1. UMass
  2. Kentucky
  3. North Texas
  4. Tennessee
  5. Vanderbilt
  6. LSU
  7. Missouri
  8. Georgia
  9. Arkansas

The only team on that list above Arkansas is Mizzou. Their schedule gave them the chance to score 70 on Delaware State, 61 on Eastern Michigan, 45 vs. Middle Tennessee. Mizzou scored 7-27 against WVa, Georgia, LSU, Florida and Kentucky.

Florida has looked great on film (except for the second half of the Tennessee game), of course. How good are they really?

They have some good-looking stats, but here are some interesting national rankings for them.

  1. Pass completion %
  2. Passes had intercepted
  3. Rushing offense, scoring offense
  4. Passing offense
  5. Passing efficiency
  6. Tackles for losses
  7. Kickoff return defense
  8. Fumbles recovered
  9. First downs - offense
  10. Penalties per game
  11. Red zone offense

This game looms as a big opportunity for the Razorbacks. Like almost everybody, I have no idea what to expect from the Hogs this weekend.

Anybody else remember the O-for-October year, 2003? Our first November game was at Kentucky, another ridiculous multi-overtime affair. Only it was like a dirge. The Hogs were sluggish, should have put away Kentucky but played down to their level. Managed to eke out a win. Five days later, Arkansas beat South Carolina in a Thursday night game, 28-6. Won two more before closing with an ugly loss at LSU (Saban’s best team there).

This team has been really unpredictable. The season in sequence:

  1. Underperformed at home, barely won.
  2. Mostly good road performance, won by 3.
  3. Dominating at home.
  4. Close for three quarters, blew chances, lost big at Arlington.
  5. Blowout win at LR.
  6. Mostly ugly loss at home.
  7. Surprisingly good win at home.
  8. Maybe the ugliest road loss in the SEC era. Barely had a pulse.


If the pattern is “the better the opposing Dline is, the worse we are,” then we’re probably doomed on Saturday.

Can Arkansas do anything to patch up the glaring weaknesses that have sabotaged three games? Can anyone be pulled into the rotation from the bench? Can players change positions? Anything?

In our losses, it has looked like we were thoroughly scouted, understood inside out and attacked in all the right spots. Can that be solved? Or minimized?

I expect the middle of the field will be open for run or pass.

Have they played LSU yet? I don’t believe so.

No, it was rescheduled because of the hurricane threat.

Forgot to point that out. LSU isn’t even in their defensive stats.

They have great stats and look great on video, but how good are they really?

Florida is #1 in the SEC in red zone defense, passing efficiency defense (#1 in the country), scoring defense, and total defense, and #2 in the SEC in rushing defense. Moreso, Del Rio didn’t play in their loss to Tennessee. Ask Georgia, they’re much better with him.

The Hogs are in for a long day.

Sagarin ranks Florida’s schedule to date 66th in the country, Arkansas’s 6th.

Small difference. Florida’s defensive stats are grossly exaggerated by their poor schedule strength. Grossly. Exaggerated. Citing them is meaningless.

I certainly remember 2003 O for October, the year I finally and for good fell off HDN’s band wagon. The fall actually began in about 2001, however.

As for what to expect out of this Fla game, the various stat lines may hold but probably will not.

I know that all the Razorback faithful think this will be a big win for the Hogs. I believe they will play harder than at Auburn.

From perusing various game projections around the Internet it would seem that most think Fla will on most plays have 7 to 9 men in the box to stop the run and pressure Allen. They supposedly have three really good DBs adept at man coverage. Have a lot of ints.

I expect a lot of blitzing from Fla. But with the way our OL has not performed this year they may not have too. They have a little speed at DE. Although they are not in A&M or Bama’s class of speed rushers. The DL may be all they need rushing the passer. Not sure how successful our offense will be scoring.

I expect Allen to get hit often and hard. Just hope he doesn’t have multiple turnovers or get injured again.

Fla apparently expects it’s defense to help it’s offense by providing “short field” situations.

Hard to say how many points Fla can score because I don’t know which is worse, our defense or their offense.

Might be a close game. Not necessarily because either team is that good, maybe just the opposite. However, if Fla gets lucky and hits a couple big scoring plays early things may get ugly again.

I can see the reporters don’t know what to expect either.

So many are looking at the Auburn game and assuming that is the new normal for Arkansas, instead of looking at the complete body of work for this season.

Nothing has changed since the start of the year. We have the same issues now that we did then. Auburn doesnt change how bad they are.

I can guarantee you I don’t know what to expect.

For example: I thought we would lose to TCU at their place. I thought Bama would kill us. But the Razorback played a decent game. I thought we might lose to Auburn but never dreamed it would be the worst loss in our history in the SEC. Also thought we would lose to Ole Miss.

RR, Sagarin also has the Gators at #13…and the Hogs at #42.

We’re #42 for a reason, our defense is porous, and our offense cannot run against a strong front 7. Florida held UGA to 21 rushing yards. 21.

Georgia can’t block anyone, running or throwing. Florida’s stats would look much different if LSU had been played as scheduled.

I think our defense is embarrassed after AU and will play much better, and UF is not great on offense anyway. But can we block them? That’s the big uncertainty for me.

One thing I know:

Arkansas is getting well.

Arkansas has looked much better today. But we can’t keep guards healthy. Need em at their best to make Bielema stuff work best.