Do yourselves a favor and watch

the Macon postgame interview. That dude loves the U of A. I’m proud for him and the others. Macon could have gone a lot of places. Barford could have gone to Stripper/Vacated National Championship Vacating U.

But they took a chance and have had great careers. I really hope they make some $ playing basketball in the coming years. If not, Gafford is probably going to have plenty to loan them.

I think he’s gone but if he stays he could be a Top 5 pick next year.

After watching Gifford in person tonight, I too think he is gone. Our seat were right behind the Hogs basket in the second half. Watching him was amazing.

They have joined the list of legendary guard duos at Arkansas: Moncrief-Brewer, Walker-Robertson, May-Day, Beck-Thurman, Reid-Bradley, and now Barford-Macon. Both have been a joy to watch. It will be sad to see them wear the jersey for the last time. Hopefully they will be cutting down a net when they do it. :smiley:

Daryl has truly been a pleasure to cover and watch for me. He’s spoken with so much perspective about his time at Arkansas coming to an end, what it all means and he truly comes across as someone who understands and revels in the moment.

Right before he got up from the press conference table he asked for a picture of the room and gave Bob Holt a shoutout. Jaylen said Bob was “one of the coldest dudes in here.” I’m eager to watch this team and these two guys this postseason. Daryl with his college career on the line is not a guy I would want to see across from me if I was an opposing player or coach.

Glib and well speaking individual who has impressed during interviews

Macon’s interview is must watch tv for any Razorback fan.

That kind of the love for the program reminds me of what you saw for years.

This is a special program, has a storied history, and Mike has brought passion back through the eyes of kids like Macon.

That same loyalty was not shown by Malik Monk or K. Allen. It would have been great to have watched him and Bardford for 4 years.

Their loss not ours.

This Monk or Allen person of whom you speak—I am not familiar with them.