Do you want Jeff Long hiring next FB and BB coaches?

Ask yourself that question.

It’s the most important thing an athletic director does, and this guy is about 1 for 4. Worse if you count Pitt. And a lot of you hate Petrino so much that it’s really 0 for 4.

I sure as hell don’t want him hiring our next coaches. And that day is coming sooner than a lot of you think, in my view.

I don’t know where the heat on this guy will come from, but it absolutely must come, and come hard.

I used to bitch about JFB’s meddling. But I’ll tell you what – Frank cared about this athletic program and placed priority on winning.

Long doesn’t prioritize winning. It’s all about fundraising, “student athletes,” and cultivating his image.

Just sickening.

The buck stops here, well that should be long. I agree totally with your post

Well in my lifetime Frank Broyles hired Houston Nutt, Stan Heath and John Pelfrey, Those hires really made our program elite…Give me a break. Frank Broyles hiring coaches wasn’t any better.

JFB hired HDN and it was a great hire. We were horrible before HDN.

Pel and Heath are on John White.

JFB also hired Sutton, Richardson, Holtz, Hatfield, Van Horn.

And no, I’m not impressed with Long’s hires.

Yeah, but at least Broyles knew what it took to win in big-time college football. He tried. He cared about the institution. He was proactive. Don’t dare dispute that.

With Long, we can’t even have an athletic program better than Oklahoma State. Football and basketball both.


And yet we settle.

Not exactly. He was forced into hiring HDN by the “committee.” JFB was set to hire T. Tuberville.

Stan Heath and Pelfrey was at least partially forced on him by John White.

HDN and his yes men staff were one of the worst hires ever, because he played the LR/Central Ark card anytime he was in trouble. He played games with players, boosters, admin, etc to cover up inadequacies. He was a control freak that needed yes men around him. His tendency to keep control and do nothing more than talk was damaging to the program’s his last 5 seasons. He couldn’t win BIG with Shawn Andrews, Jason Peters, Dmac, Felix, and Hillis. He was very petty and immature from the moment he dealt with malzahn’s hire to his exit to Oxford. His staff cheated in Oxford and got caught. He is such a great hire that NOBODY will hire him. Now he is fanning flames against the program and CBB.

It was a different time with Frank. Now AD’s are a CEO and focused on money at almost every university. I don’t like the change but sadly the SEC has driven the need for money to build facilities and pay outrageous salaries. It all takes too much money nowadays, so investments in the quality of the program are subverted by ROI. Frank was proactive through the early 90’s but the culture changed too much for him in his later years.

Welcome, you are a few years late getting on the bus, but I agree with most of what you offer here.

The only thing I mildly disagree with is Bielema’s tenure. Can’t see anything that will cause his dismissal as long as Jeff Long is employed in his current position at the UofA.

I am pleased with Anderson hiring since he was not able to get an elite coach like Self and that is not his fault.

I kind of feel the same way. People have fantasies about what coaches Arkansas can hire, we need to get over it.

Too much emphasis on getting coaches and not on getting the right players.


Petrino already had a disloyal and bad rep coming in to the program, Bielema was given too many contractural rewards too soon, and few were related to field performance. Perhaps he should get a $1MM risk/reward clause for a 10 win season or beating Alabama once every 4 years? Mike Anderson… what in the world have we got from this guy? Nobody goes to see mediocre basketball, and only slightly more will show up to see a decent team like Florida play the game correctly on both ends of the floor. Underwhelming on court product, year after seven years. Enough bad luck from him. Let’s get a new mirror to break in BWA before we’re underwhelmed by yet more local AAU “phenoms” signed/committed to keep us in suspense 3 more seasons.

He also tried to hire Grobe, T Bowden and did hire JLS

To be fair…JFB failed a few times as well -

Would it be Steinmetz? The board of trustees? Who would start the process? Anyone know?

Long seems like such a political animal, insulated in multiple layers of university hierarchy, that it’d be hard to blast him out of there. He’s cultivated political capital over the years, like any skilled AD would try to do. Still, I figure there has to be a faction of university BOT members or execs that will grow weary of the fan backlash and start looking at making a change.

Ok, on the players point, and I don’t completely disagree. However, how do you change it? It seems to be a chronic problem. Are we in the right conference if we can’t?

The only kind of fan backlash that will get their attention is a dropoff in donations, ticket sales, or both. If all that happens is people bitch on a message board but the stadium is still virtually full for FAMU and TCU, nothing is going to happen.

A whole lot of the people who are complaining today have never made a check out to the Razorback Foundation and might have been to one game 30 years ago. They’re not going to listen to that kind of “backlash”.

Now if the Jim Lindseys and Jerry Joneses are calling JL today saying “this ain’t gonna cut it, Jeff,” then he might start thinking about it.

I do think that BB’s seat is officially warm, if it wasn’t already. If 2016 was just a blip on the overall progress of the program, that’s one thing. If it’s a trend, that’s something else. We start to find that out Sept. 9 when the Frogs come to town.

Well Said!

There are 2 parallel threads on Jeff Long.

But, yes, I am fine with Jeff Long.

The problem is that petrino showed that you could win big at arkansas, and we tasted success on a entire new level. So coming in and taking the kind of losses we took this year is very unacceptable…

Yes and I ache for the SEC W of 7-8 years ago. Bama and OM were nothing like they have been the last 3-4 years. Add in A&M in 2012 and the SEC W is much nastier now.