Do you think our 5 O-linemen will block their 4 D-linemen successfully----

—anytime this year? I did not see it happen against Portland State or Ole Miss. It seemed that one of the O-linemen blocking by himself got beat every time. Wagner’s struggles were particularly obvious against Ole Miss. I don’t remember Jackson or Clary getting badly beat but Clary usually had the double team help. Bringing a tight end or back to help leaves the receivers with extra help in pass defense or let’s the blitz come and take away the helper. This is a problem that can only be fixed when your guy is strong and agile enough to tie up their guy without needing a helper for 5-8 seconds. That is all our QB should need to let the recever run his route and hit him on time with an accurate pass. If you want him to hit a deep receiver, you need more time than that. We got to get time for the short routes first before we worry about the QB being upright and “not running for his life” enough to make a deep throw.

8 seconds is an eternity these days.

OK 5 seconds. Question still stands with the emphasis on the “not get beat immediately” part.

I look at the second half of Ole Miss game. Starkle was able to do what he did with the blocking that was there. If it holds true against Colorado State we should be fine on Saturday.

I agree with you, pigman

They better because the cannot seem to run block. What is left? How long have we been saying that this is the key. Always has been and always will be. If your Oline does not play, nothing else really matters.

I think if Capps can get healthy enough to stay on the field then you could have a decent O line as follows:
Jackson/Capps/Clarry/Stromberg/Cunningham. Right talent is weakest area right now as SEC DE ends are little too much for him to handle right now

What was said above. Starkel’s ability to get rid of the ball fast is a huge help to a developing O-line.

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Watching other QB’s (over especially the last few years) has frustrated me no end. Many times, I see the QB throw with 2-3 seconds to an open receiver against us. I mean nobody within 10 yards. Over and over. 3rd and 10 and they got where they want us. I wonder why they even try to run sometimes.

And then I see us with no separation, and the QB throw into triple coverage.

Sorry, just frustrated. I’m so ready to see us being decent.

Our for tunes will not improve we get serious upgrades to the o line.

Show me one NFL team that can consistently hold pass blocking for 5 seconds. I watched the Razorback show with Chad Morris last night. The difference between 1st half (Hicks) and 2nd half(Starkel) was obvious. Starkel got rid of the ball much quicker. He either checks down quicker or can read the defense at the line better before snap. It’s like he knew where he was going not checking down to the 3rd choice which for most qbs is when the pocket breaks down.

The “awful” team and o-line from last season racked up 300yds rushing on CSU with Boyd basically being a non-factor.

We will easily impose our will.

Receivers have get open before can get rid of ball