Do you smell that!?

That unique smell of

Sweat, leather, grass, dirt and blood

Must be time for

Razorback Football

I need some - in the last few months

Completed my Dear Dads estate

My wife has had a heart attack

Oldest daughter is fighting cancer

Sweet daughter inlaw is fighting what appears to be krones (sp)

I’ve taken on new responsibilities at work that has acerbated old war injuries

Now a Grandpa - that has made me a pile of mush around the little fella

Life has been ROBUST

I need some Razorback football to refresh this worn out soul


There they are:

Uncommon young men in Cardinal and white

Doing things on the field I only dreamed of

They are young, strong - uncommon

And be it Win or Lose

No one dies

Thier dreams are still possible -
because life hasn’t beat them up that much yet

What isn’t there to love?

Whatching these uncommon young men on the field representing the best of who we hope Arkansas is and who we dreams to be

Wooo Pig!

Prayers sent, BR.

Thank goodness it’s game week.

Robust indeed Boarbarian! Prayers for you and yours!

I think for so many of us Razorback football is kind of when time stops for just a little bit. We all come together for 3 hours on a Saturday for common reason albeit Uncommon Men. We all have different connections to the Razorbacks. Some of us went there, some didn’t. Some are legacy Razorbacks, some aren’t. Some have played the game at that level, some haven’t. Personally, I think of a lot of great family times at Razorback games. Heartbreaking losses and incredible celebrations of victory! I’ve been taking my son up for games every year. He’ll line up tonight as a freshman and play both ways for his football team. He talks of going to the Hill to play but who knows. I know I’ll enjoy every moment of every game he plays. Dad and I were there in many memorable games. The downpour vs Ole Miss where we beat Tommy Tuberville like a drum. The Tennessee payback game in 99. Dmac and Coach Fulmer, Fred Talley at Auburn, Matt Jones in Dallas. Lots of memories. There are many on here that go further back.

I’m looking forward to this season. I hope we play well. I’m sure I’ll sign on sometime in the 2nd quarter and see someone going nuts and that’s okay too. It’s part of being a fan. I just know when you’re going through life like you are, the Razorbacks can be a very good way to spend a few hours on Saturday with those you love and those that share in all things UA.

Peace of God!