Do you remember where you were when "March Madness" became a thing?

40 years ago…March 14, 1981…for the first time, NBC switches back and forth in real time to catch the end of several close games…including this Hog classic:

I was 10 years old. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was sitting on the floor under the basket in the Erwin Center watching that ball go through the net.

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I was in a hotel room in Washington DC, part of a senior science club trip my senior year in high school. Getting ready to go out to eat with my classmates. That was not our region of the country, so only the score and occasional live cut ins for 2 or 3 minutes. They were showing the local game up there, Maryland was getting pulverized by Indiana. They did show the final minute or so, so we got to see Louisville take a one point lead with a few seconds left. They went back to their studio show then quickly cut back in to show the shot by US Reed. DePaul had already been upset earlier in the day on a last second shot, our game happened and within a minute or two Oregon St got upset on a last 2nd shot. The number 1 and 2 ranked teams, and defending national champions all lost within an hour of each other

Pretty cool what has happened. This the best weekend of the year. To add to it, SEC baseball begins. Most of last few years have watched all the good finishes of March Madness at Baum-Walker.

Remember exactly where I was. At a furniture store in Leadville colorado. Yelled when reed made the shot. When everyone looked said go hogs and was grinning from ear to year. One of most disappointing tournaments for me was Arkansas vs wake forest. We were 26-2 that year. Don’t think it was even a 64 team field at that time. Thought we had a chance to go all the way. The year we smoked UCLA was also a good year. Then Nolan’s team in 95 lost to them in final 4.

I had just retired from the US Army and was building our house SE of Fayetteville. GHG!

I was listening to Paul do the play by play on the radio in the managers office at Wiengartens in Pine Bluff (US and my hometown). I actually had the store mic open on the game so everyone could hear. Everyone in the store (and me) went nuts. US Reed always represented Pine Bluff and Razorback nation with class.

I was a sophomore at UA, at home in Tulsa for the weekend (it may have been Spring break). I was fuming because NBC wasn’t showing the Arkansas game in Tulsa. They were showing Kansas State (Those were the Big 8 days). The Mildcats hit a late two to go ahead and then they switched to the last play of the Hog game. All I saw of it was the U.S. Reed shot. I still went crazy.

They were all “twos” in those days.

My parents had a watch party. I was 17, almost 18. When they didn’t switch back to our game right away, my dad tells me to go into the next room and turn the radio on. I think we all thought all hope was lost. I get to the radio and I hear “its back on.” I didn’t dream that the ball was already in play before they switched back. I didn’t run to the other room. Before I got to the other room, everyone is screaming. I was like “what happened?” So I missed it live, but saw the replay in a few minutes.

You are correct. 32 teams. The next year was also 32 (i believe 1978 was the last year of 32 teams). In 1978, even though we had been in the top 10 a lot of the season, after we lost in the SWCT, many thought we wouldn’t get an invite to the NCAA’s. If I recall, Houston got the automatic bid, we got an at large. Texas went to the NIT and won it. That is going from memory, so I could be wrong!

Tournament went to 48 teams in 1980, as it was in '81 when U.S. hit the shot; Louisville had a first round bye while we had to play Mercer on Thursday night. I think we beat the Bears by 6. It went from 48 to 64 teams in 1985.

You’re correct that we lost in the SWCT in 78; bricked free throws cost us in the semi against UH. Fortunately UH won the tournament. If Texass had beaten UH in the final, we might not have gotten the at-large.

I remember the place the day, actually the temp. outside.

But vs being made fun of I will just keep the story to myself.

I had the year they went to 48 off by one year. I WAS talking about 1978, but my post sure wasn’t clear!!!

I was helping get the ground ready to plant and not miss any basketball games! Man I was a lot younger back then! How time has flown by! Our hogs have been to the top the mountain and back between then and now.
Right now hog fans are getting spoiled by the athletic department on the hill!
Our Razorbacks are marking their mark across the board in athletics!
Men’s basketball 3 seed in the dance
Women’s basketball 4 seed in the dance
Baseball # 1 in the polls
Softball ranked in the top 25
Track and field men’s and women’s
The list could go on and on!
It’s great to be a Razorback Fan!

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