Do you notice the bench?

I don’t mean the bench contribution to the team (which is great). I’m talking about the bench reaction to the action on the court.

They really pull for each other and are engaged. It’s a small thing, but a big thing. This team appears to have talent, a chip on its shoulder and chemistry/togetherness that is sadly somewhat uncommon in this day and age.

Look at their reaction to the Hall dunk and Holmes 3.

Really good stuff.

That’s what nice to see. Together they can win a lot of games. This group of players seem to enjoy playing as well. We will all learn a lot about their nerve on nights when there’s a lid on the basket. It good they don’t depend solely on the 3 but they shot it really well so taking a few more wouldn’t hurt.
I haven’t seen the box score but there’s nothing that just out at you in a negative way about the game. They seem better on defense than last year.

Very fun to see the bench into it.

Took Mike a few more years to get it going, but looks like this is about to really take off.

Proud for Mike and was fun to watch entire team get into the game.

Hate to compare because been so long, but this almost feels like early 90s.

Thanks for bringing this up Notorius. The team chemistry seems to really be good. Macon ran out as the final buzzer sounded and picked up Holmes. And most the the team joined him. Love to see the leader and stars caring for the practice players. Really good stuff.

This is my first time to see Gafford. He’s going to be a big plus when he learns how to avoid fouls. That reminds me of Thompson as a young player.

In the 25-minute wait to get out of Lot 56 last night, I listened to Daryl Macon’s postgame interview with Chuck. He mentioned that there was an emphasis put on “chemistry” in the off-season. He said something to the effect of, “It took a while for us to gel last year. We knew that couldn’t be the case this year.”

Love to hear a team leader talk about chemistry. Absolutely love it.

Ran it back three times or so in slow mo…the bench reaction to the dunk was great. Holmes was mobbed after the game.

I always look at this and have noticed the same thing. Guys like Jalen Harris and Dustin Thomas, in particular, get excited about everything. Everyone is locked in to the action on the court and offering support. Trey had to pull Khalil off the court after Hall’s dunk.

I think emphasis on chemistry is tried almost every year. Coaches don’t miss that. They know it’s required.

You can have all the slumber parties you want, but you either have it or you don’t. If this team has it – and it appears so now – then that’s a major plus.

But I don’t see that there has been any adversity yet. Too early to know for sure. Yes, there are nice hints, but chemistry isn’t that critical until they hit a speed bump.

Agree with Clay here. How do they react when they hit a few speed bumps?

No doubt the start is very promising but too early to say this will be a 23 to 25 win team. You hope that Daniel learns not to get into foul trouble. Thats very tough when your strength is being aggressive and going for rebounds and blocks. Just have to know when to be aggressive and when to back off some.

Gafford’s fouls is one problem but the key to this team being really special will be what we can get out of the “4” position among Bailey, Thomas, Cook or Gabe O. That and our Team Defense.