Do you make a coordinator change

in the middle of the season? Do we have anyone on staff that could take over on defense?

Can’t be any worse.

I wouldn’t mind a new OC at the end of the year

You fire both of them. But Chavis first

I’m not sure you should fire a coach mid season but on defense, I’m will to sell the farm to get Brent Venables away from Clemson. Long shot I’m sure, but apparently Morris and he are close friends. Wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Brent Venables family would have to have him committed to an insane asylum if he were to even give a thought of leaving Clemson for Arkansas at this point and time.
Guys, you have to understand that Arkansas Football does not have the clout it once had and those types of coaches aren’t interested in coming to Arkansas.

Why would he leave a 10 for a 2?

Also his two sons are playing for him at Clemson

I have never been impressed with Craddock or Chavis. At least Chavis has past history of success.

Dont’t even show up to take the punishment Texas A&M is going to put on you LOSERS!

Hogs are losers! Hurry up basketball season!

4-20 / 0-16 or 5-19 / 0-16 which are probable, should be house cleaning time starting with the head coach at the end of the year. It’s downright embarrassing looking up at Vandy.

We had far better talent than SJS. Their coaching staff outcoached our staff, plain and simple. They had their team ready to play and our staff didn’t have our team ready.

Not really, I posted when he was hired. TN had a better average defense after he left. LSU’s was better before he got there, and after he left for aTm, than while he was there (and he had a #1 D while at LSU). Also aTm averaged 63rd while he was there, our D averaged 63rd while Bret was here. Let that sink in. Chavis has always been overrated and a product of the school he was at.

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