Do you make a change now?

Give the interim job to Paul Rhodes? Position yourself for change in advance of the other changes that will come.

I like that idea, see if team will compete and perform for him.

The Defense doesn’t, why would the rest of the team?

Let Luney run the team.

No, you give him a chance to right the ship. We are all upset and speaking of change, but I don’t think JL is replacing him this year.

The best we can hope for at this point is 6-6 and if he makes that he is safe, probably safe at 5-7 and 4-8. Gross, but that is reality.

Make it after Auburn and like you said starting getting ducks in a row to move with haste as soon as the season is over.

The sooner the better, it is coming anyway.

We will be 2-5 after the Alabama , Auburn stretch…, there’s a great chance like Jackson said.

Who is coming up with the 11 million? Not me for sure. That is a lot of cash for any program. Long and the other powers that be sure gambled on that buyout. They are about to crap out.


He has represented the university well, players are graduating at a high rate/staying out of trouble - you owe him a chance to finish the season.

Also it’s a bad look to prospective HCs if you do it mid-season. It’s all moot, because there is no way this happens other than after the season is over.

As much as I get the position that it all falls on the head coach, if we are going to make a change mid season I don’t think it should be at the HC. We know Kurt Anderson is terrible as are our safeties. I’d start with this two position coaches and go from there. We’ve got some good position coaches.

I don’t like the idea of Paul Rhonda as interim. I don’t want him coaching our team. Maybe one position but that’s it. I want coach O to be our D.C. and focus on recruiting. I hope LSU dumps him.

The reality is we are in a very tough spot because:

FL, LSU, TN, AM and UA could all be looking for coaches at the end of the year. And on that list we are 5th choice. We have to have a plan before we just say get rid of the coach.

JacksoReid seems to know who to hire and how we are going to get him so I think the board shall reach out to him and appoint him lead on search committee and then fire him if it doesn’t succeed.

Yeah let’s just fire Anderson and let the fella that hired him go find another brilliant OL coach. That sounds like the ticket! LOL

LSU is not firing Oregeronvand Sumlin may well keep his job. Unlike our dumpster fire they are getting better. No way Florida’s coach gets fired.