Do you like pitt's staff?

SEEMS LIKE CSP has put together a good staff. Like the DC and OC. Your thoughts? Like our AD HY. Please show us some progress this year. I about bailed after the CM debacle…BTW, at least a $25M mistake. What a cluster. Basketball is in good hands and baseball is too (obviously)…

Ask again in a year.

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Agree; no guarantees with CSP. Our football program indeed is such a “cluster” we can’t be assured of anything. No expectations, no optimism. Obviously willing to give Sam and new staff a chance. No other choice.

I like the Staff a lot - until I see how KB’s high-octane offense works (that our players will have learned by the time the season kicks-off) I will reserve judgment, but there is no way that our Defense is not improved 1000%.

so far so good. LOVE Odom, and OL. hope the rest are as advertised. seem to be recruting well. so I have no complaints, as we have yet to have a signing period or game.

Oh, and none of them are named Chad Morris, so that’s a big plus.


I like Brad Pitt’s staff which is composed of Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Gweneth Paltrow and a collection of other young beauties.

LOL… wasn’t sure where you were going with that when I first started reading!!

I believe he’s hired a good staff, I think it’s a staff that should be a very good recruiting staff which I think was his main objective after getting his OC and DC.

I am pretty excited about this staff CSP has put together. On the surface it appears a very solid staff for recruiting and hopefully a staff that can coach up all these players we have, well above the level of the last staff (except Stepp who is obviously still here). If they can do that along with even better recruiting then I think it will be a solid staff for sure because the wins should happen if so.



I think it’s the best staff we could have got considering the last 2 years of hammer down driving on the shoulder staff.
Now it’s all about player buy in and hard work.

Correct answer.

And I’ll bet that their will be NO problem with players buying in and no problem with not working hard………

I give Sam a grade of A on his co-ordinations and a B on the remainder of his staff. On paper the best staff we’ve had in years.

Sam has well exceeded expectations so far.

Excuse me while I sip some more red kool-aide and nibble on an Oatmeal Creme Pie.

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I feel 100% the same way, CSP has elevated our program from the minute he landed in Arkansas and continues to every day. He has hired experienced upbeat guys who have bought in and has the players buying in to our program. I know we have not won any games yet but we’re winning on the recruiting trail and we won in hiring coordinators. I like the stabilization he has brought to our football team and our fans to this point, it’s good to feel good about our direction we’re heading in with a confidence we needed as program. WPS

Too early to tell. Don’t expect much in terms of wins next year even if saban or Lombardi we’re coaching this team. Will see if they show signs of fight. Then recruiting next year. We’ll have an idea but it might take 3 years if staff stays together to determine how successful and we’ll liked they are

While we may not know the level of success this staff will have over the long run I do think we’ll get a feel for it next season. If we see a much improved team, more fight and fewer mistakes, then we know we have a better staff for sure. Couldn’t get much worse. Between that and the recruiting will be our sign for future success. Do I believe we will have a winning record next year? Not really but a 6 or even a 5 win season would be reason to be optimistic. I do believe we need a GT QB for this to happen and of course much improved O-Line play. We have some skill players at WR abd RB so I think (hope) the offense will be much improved with a better QB. I also believe the O-Line will be better, not great, but better.

It’s the defense that has me concerned. I just don’t have a feel for the true talent level there, was it all coaching or are we simply just not very good on that side. Hard to say after the last 2 years.

Like the first reports on strength and conditioning staff

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