Do you have confidence in direction of program?

I very much want to but it’s admittedly hard these past years and losing to a bad CSU team doesn’t help.

I’ve loved this program the better part of five decades now and in the end, I just want to have confidence that we can become the program we all want competing more consistently with top of SEC and nationally respected.

My expectations for this season and transition year was 6-6 and maybe that was optimistic.

I thought enough talent to beat a CSU.

It’s been said that both Petrino and Beilema had poor first years, and that’s instructive I suppose for CM, although seems like there was enough talent to beat cup cakes.

But with Petrino who ultimately took us to a top 5 AP finish, and Brett even, that first year when things were rough, you had confidence because they both had good track records in D1 previously.

I’m trying to have as much confidence in CM and staff but CM had perhaps a more mediocre run at SMU and prior benefitted from Watson at Clemson when ACC had a small handful of decent teams to play, not quite the gauntlet of SEC.

And while good to have one experienced major coordinator in Chavis, after his poor D’s may have contributed to Sumlin’s firing and LSU perhaps got tired of him, it wasn’t like he had offers from others at the top of the SEC or nationally.

I want to have confidence that we have the right leadership that understands and has ability to get program to stand toe to toe with Bama and Georgia, but losing winnable games against weak non conf competition doesn’t help one believe in leadership.

Maybe an unfair knock but in the case of CM and some of the staff who has limited SEC experience you just hope they can do it.

What’s the option? Wait and see? Hope for the best? I guess so. We can’t keep changing coaches.

After CSU, my expectations are closer to three wins and hopeful we play freshmen and develop for the future and become a major recruiting program we failed to be at end of last regime.

I’m going to be looking for improvement in small ways and won’t be surprised when the bigs blow us out this year.

But I so want to have confidence we are heading in the right direction.

But admittedly even for a long time fan and alum, I need to see some small signs of progress at least to hold on to hope and have more confidence as yet.

Simply, yes.

Petrino barely beat Western Illinois and ULM in his first two games at home, winning by a total of 5 points. Could have easily been 0-2. But that team would improve and beat two ranked teams plus LSU later in the season. Of course it also had an experienced quarterback in Casey Dick. We wish we had Casey right now.

CM is playing the hand Bielema dealt him right now. This year is likely going to be pretty painful, but he deserves the chance to recruit to his system on both sides of the ball.

It’s way too early to say one way or the other. I’m confident we have a coaching staff and team that are doing their best to mold into the best team they can at this time, but it’s going to take time. I know most fans don’t like that, but it’s true.

simply, how?

I think there is some hard headedness evident in the staff with the hidden practices plus limited info and a seeming opinion that our fan base knows nothing. Only hammer down has been on us fans. I want to believe there is something coming to be optimistic about. Not yet.

I’m trying hard to get there myself.

I so want to believe.

In fairness, we certainly can’t expect much until they upgrade talent and they seem to be doing well recruiting.

So there appears hope there.

Yes, but admittedly any time you hire a HC with a 14-22 record you’re rolling the dice to a degree. I’ve been impressed with recruiting thus far, but holding together this class and selling the 2020 class on the future both during and after the upcoming train wreck will be a huge challenge. And make no mistake it’s going to be a disaster on the field and other teams will be negative recruiting the heck out of us.

How he handles the QB situation will either give me more belief or lessen opinion of him. It will tell me a lot about his decision making and ability to effectively address difficult situations.

This is the absolute correct opinion and outlook. All others claiming to know what or how Morris will or will not do are moronic. Give him a chance.

He’s gonna need some time. He doesn’t have a QB and the receivers aren’t what I thought they would be. He has to flip the roster especially offensively to his style.

There is nobody more upset than I am about last night because I know there were some Coaching things we could have done…

But right now we are trying to win the Kentucky Derby with a mule and that will never ever equate to success.

We are way behind in the types of athletes that it takes to win in the SEC West.

I I am willing to give him time to get those type of athletes but I think it will be year 3 before we have any type of a chance.

From the mouth of a man who knows football. Reasonable and right on target.
I agree.

Amen brutha. I love CCM’s recruiting and have confidence in him getting the talent.

I aimply don’t know if I do or not. Like some of you, I grew up in the 60’s, so my memory includes a program that was indisputably one of the top 5 in the country for a time. (AP says we tied for 2nd for the best program of the decade of the 60’s. The other 2 were Alabama & Texas). It was pretty damned near that throughout the 70’s. Even in the 80’s were mostly a top 20 program. So I know the potential is there.

However, we now have a generation of fans whose best memory is one team since 1990 that finished 11-2 with a bowl win. We’ve had a few scattered years in there where we were pretty good, but none anyone would call great. At least not when measured by what we want.

To put it mildly, we’ve simply sucked since 2011. One “good” year of 8-5 with the bowl win. And that was done with facilities that are about as good as any in the country.

I don’t guess I realized how bad recruiting had fallen off under CBB until the spring game & the first 2 games of this season. A game like that bothers me for the confidence in might shake in fans & recruits than it does in the actual loss itself.

So, I guess I’m going to see how recruiting is this year & maybe next. If we see progress next year & can genuinely see a possible 8-9 win season in 2020 (even if it turns out to be 7 wins plus a bowl), I think I might feel we’re on our way back. Right now I don’t really feel it. Not to say we aren’t, but I don’t feel it.

I don’t think it’s coaching. CCM strikes me as good a recruiter as there is, but 5 years ago, I thought that of CBB, too. The only thing that gives me hope is that MSU, Ole Miss & some other “have nots” in the SEC have shown real flashes. Well, their success & our history make me feel that way. But we could just as easily head the way of a Kansas, Purdue, or Colorado. I just don’t know

I am resigned to the fact that CCM will be our coach for at least four years. I will support the team and hope he gets it done. I have no idea if he will or not.

I’m not ready to give up on the program yet. We have a new coach with players that are not recruited for his style. We should know in a couple of seasons if he is the answer.

I really hope yesterday was an aberration.

We will see

I have been very positive with this coaching staff—and still am but bothered that “the petal to the metal” philosophy didn’t include going for 6 inch gain on 4th down when averaging 6 plus yea per attempt.Full tilt boogie should have made that critical 1st down with no hesitation—concerns me that didn’t happen.

It’s two games!!!

Ask me again in October of 2020. By then, CCM will have HIS players in place. We won’t truly know before 2020. Next year will be more young talent learning this system, but hopefully will be talent upgrades, especially at QB, WR & defense. Still need some oline help. Hopefully these coaches can develop talent also.

Everything we’ve read on message boards for the last 2 years is how our previous staff lost so many games purely because of poor in game coaching. It was coaching that was holding us back, not talent. I thought this set up well for CCM to prove that he could win more than CBB, with the talent he left behind. Last night’s game was a pretty big step backwards for Morris. It gave him a perfect scenario to prove to the team that “see, you can close out a solid win on the road.” It could have been a confidence booster for the whole team and staff. Instead, it could be problematic for him, not because we lost the game, but because we lost in the same manner as the last 2 years.

Hopefully, this game will be an aberration for this staff for the rest of the season, and we’ll still win 5 or 6 games. The players are young and able to put this one game behind them much better than the fans. One thing for sure, if we continue playing and coaching like last night for the rest of the season, we will be a 2-10 team at best. I can’t imagine many (players or fans) would still be on board with a 2-10 or, God forbid, 1-11 season. I do NOT expect that to happen, but I’m certainly less sure than I was yesterday morning.

I’m anxious to see how our coaches respond to last nights debacle during this coming week.

In my opinion, it is way too early to be asking questions like that. Chad Morris has coached two games and has been on the job nine months.