Do you guys know who started today?

Did Ford and Pinson get some good run?

Pinion started but he wasn’t in for that long; Nick came in for him pretty quickly from what Scottie said. However I think everybody got in for a good bit. Dunning and Council started, I remember.

According to the game recap at the UA website, Pinion had one rebound, one assist and one blocked shot, did not score. Ford had 4 points. Doesn’t indicate minutes and there isn’t a box score. Dunning scored 10 points, Council had 11.

Black, Council, Dunning, Brazile and Pinion started yesterday’s game.

Muss said regardless of the score they would be a totally different starting lineup next game, trying to find the right chemistry I’m sure. Based on what I saw yesterday Smith,Walsh,Brazile definitely need to be in the starting lineup when the season starts.

I was happy to see that there were several line-ups where Walsh and Council were both on the floor together. I saw once when they were together with just one big, and once without AB on the floor and Smith playing the point. They both need more minutes than just splitting minutes at the 3.

There was also a line-up without Smith and AB on the floor. That was a little ugly. Hopefully we won’t see that line-up much in close games.

Agree, Larry. I think Nick or AB need to be on the floor at all times. We probably would have won the natty this year with either one of them.

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Yes, but occasionally it will happen if both are in early foul trouble. Those times are when our defense has to be at it’s best so we can hold onto the lead we will probably have. Most of those times will probably be in the first half, when the team (and coaches) figure out how tight the refs are calling the game. Nick and AB need to be really cognizant of that.

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we bogged down for the zone. Do you think we will be prolific scoring when we face SEC zones?

Zone won’t bother you much if you get down the floor before they can set it up. You can pick a zone and pass behind or over it. Muss has a team of cheetahs, and he has to be licking his chops. I know I am. I haven’t seen this much talent in Hog uni’s since I was there, and I am dead serious.


It seems like you should play us zone because we don’t shoot the three(yet) so well. But Muss has some great zone plays where he puts a big or a leaper in the short corner behind the zone.

With our length and verticals I just don’t see zone working much against us. Now if we see a team just as long and athletic it may be different but most of those type teams play strictly man.


In all honesty, Arkansas was getting to the rim so easily Tuesday that a three-point attempt seemed a little like settling. Eric said he is counting on NSJ, Black and Walsh to hit threes, and perimeter scores from others are a plus.


Ford will evolve into a solid guard in his time at UA. He was in constant movement on the court yesterday and is tough. After falling from physical contact while on the floor he reached and diverted a loose ball to another Razorback. He seems to be in the style of Cory Beck with physical strength along with his basketball skill set. He is capable of providing consistency in relief for AS or Nick. Pinion missed handled an early break-away pass from AB but otherwise played solid minutes. In the final minutes, he gave up a breakaway drive to the basket with a neat behind-the-back pass to Graham for a dunk. Dunning is going to be the surprise of the class. Very savvy and always in action near the ball. He has the lean, long appearance characteristic of this team. He finds balls for put-backs as he did yesterday. He very well could break into the relief rotation of the top seven of Nick, AB, Graham, Walsh, Council, Brazile, and Johnson. Davis, the Mitchell twins, along Dunning are my suggestions for the relief rotation based on yesterday’s game with Pinion and Ford in reserve.

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