Do you feel it?

Apathy. Like most diseases. Starts off small,almost unnoticabe. You don’t see it, feel it until it’s too late. But you do get a sense of it. You sense somethings not right. The way you react after yet another loss. At first your angry when it happens. But after a while, it barely bothers you. That’s been happening to me lately. Why I didn’t post last night. I been struck with apathy for the football program. I don’t have the energy to get angry about the program. I watch other teams to get my football enjoyment. As we all know, apathy kills programs. If I’m feeling this, so are a lot of fans. And not all the cajoling, shaming, and threats by the sports media can cure it. The only cureason is too kill it at an early stage. We are at this stage. How do we cure it? I don’t have the answer. But all remedies need to be on the table. And that means a change in coaching staff if it is nessassary.

My fear is that we go 3-9 or even 2-10 and the recruits feel it. While I wish we had changed QB’s earlier, the bigger issue, was that our Defense just wore out. We have decent starters on that side of the ball, but zero depth. What will our Defense look like next year without Sosa, Scoota and TJ?