Do we win tonight?

I know we can win but I’ve got that sick feeling that we might lose.

Somebody and I mean anybody has to step up and help Moody with scoring.

Who guards Cooper tonight…man I hope we don’t try and trap him and leave their shooters wide open.

What’s your guys thoughts on tonight?

Oh by the way…you know since we play at 8:00 the first game will run over and we will miss the first 5 minutes of the game…

I said it on the podcast yesterday that I might try Devo Davis on Cooper. Devo does a nice job not dying on ballscreens, getting around them, and when he does get clipped by one he can get back in the play quickly. Probably will see a mix of Devo, Tate and Desi on Cooper. Throwing different looks and length at him may help.

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I think we do. I look for a ‘response’ performance in the area of effort and focus.

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If I don’t listen we have a chance. I turned it on four different times Saturday and we turned the ball over everytime.


I think it’s going to be a track meet…which favors Arkansas.

Cooper will be a problem.

I can see both teams scoring 90-100 points in tonight’s game.

Should be fun.

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Probably will since I will not watch because when I do, they play like well, you know and If I don’t , they win by 30. Muss may start sending me bags from McDonalds to not watch


We can win if there isn’t any lingering effects from the last 2 games. Plus it’s a team we beat already and at home, if that helps any.

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First five minutes will probably tell if we have recovered from our recent hangover. We have the ability and talent to be a winner but so does Kentucky and they look horrible on the floor most nights. Yes, I think we win a close game tonight by playing good defense and fewer turnovers! WPS

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We have looked lost. We won last one barely and sills played great. He has disappeared completely. They add a 5 star. Gonna be hard

The hogs just need to get back to playing defense! The offense gets a lift from the defense.
Moody can’t do it alone and Desi Sills needs to take some ownership and display leadership on the court.
Hogs by 12.

Going to be doubtful unless we step up the defense. And Desi needs to get out of his funk.

I’m thinking a 10-12 point Arkansas win.

Arkansas scores 90+ points, Auburn around 80ish or so.

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