Do we win it all

this year with this team? Maybe should say, can we win it all with this team?
Good group of vets and youngsters.

Still early but if we get the 3-4 starters lined out we can definitely win it all. Pitching depth is our question mark at this point. Arms are there but they have to prove themselves to DVH. I wouldn’t bet against us.

Will all be about the pitching, we have some very important roles going to be have to filled by people who have shown a history of being inconsistent so right now it’s hard to be confident until you see them do it against the great competition we’re going to see. This team can be very very good if we can fill all the holes we have to fill on the mound


I agree with Youdaman. I need to see how many young ones are ready. Ramage and Kopps were average yesterday. It was a tough day to grip the baseball for pitchers. But they will have to do better than that.

I agree about yesterday being a tough day to pitch especially when you’re out pitch is a breaking ball. Ball is slicker in cold weather, a little bit harder to get the right amount of snap on your breaker to keep the ball down.

Way to early to be talking about this team getting to Omaha and then winning it all!
Four games in we don’t know who we can count on yet from the pitching staff on a regular basis and pitching is more important than hitting over the entire season.
Obviously, we should have a good team, but their are a bunch of good teams that are thought to be better than the Hogs so we’ll just have to see how things progress.
Like in all sports, injuries can play a key role if you happen to lose a key player for a significant amount of time.
I think that since we’ve had a good run of getting to Omaha many fans expect that we should get there every season, but it’s not that simple. Pitching, hitting, defense and health all have to gel together in order to get to Omaha.

Out of the bullpen we have watched Kevin Knopps and Cole Ramage come out and get the Job done on a consistent basis after those 2 only time will tell.
Monk (LHP) has had 2 appearances and a mixed bag with yesterday being his best he needs to continue showing he can get it done
Trest and Z. V. Will need to make a lot of appearances and get the job done to gain the confidence for our hogs to get headed in that direction.
The staters still have to get rolling!
Noland and Wicklander should be solid
Adams may be the Key! If he can establish as the Sunday starter it will allow DVH to keep the experience in the bullpen for relief.

Good input gentlemen & figured the pitching (normal) is the bread & butter. We have the bats, the defense, the savvy.
We also have DVH (magic man) & staff, looking forward to an exciting season.


The last two years there has been an ah-ha moment when I knew the team was good enough to be in the World Series. In 2018, it was during the 5-0 week vs. Texas and Kentucky. Last year it was during the back-to-back sweeps of Mississippi State and Tennessee.

The good college teams are deep in the bullpen. This team has a bunch of quality arms. Some are un-tested. But the key in college baseball is avoiding the bad elbow injuries. That determines many seasons. What I know is that Dave Van Horn is good at figuring it out.

Not sure if they can win it all but they are one fun team to watch and wouldn’t bet against them…

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