Do we think Kiffin wants to be our head coach?

I know board going to daily threads and all but was hopeful to understand more opinion.

I think Campbell a heck of a coach and what he’s done with little talent at Iowa State shows he’s the real deal. Would think a huge hire and immediately improves program.

I have no idea but think Hunter may like Fuente because of Memphis/OK connections to us etc which makes some sense. I personally think he’s as exciting as watching paint dry, but we stink and if can take a guy from a once good program who is vanilla but stable hey why not dream of being ok and maybe better right.

But if you are looking for someone who immediately can hire major assistant coaching players (assuming we provide resources for that which please tell me we will), and put down a marker we are a national program brand again, then Kiffin makes a lot of sense.

If Kiffin even wants to consider and who knows.

Why others have passed maybe he doesn’t have it in the tank other than daddy’s name I’m not smart enough to know.

NFL and some major D1 experience.

But does he have a burning desire to fix Arkansas and can we create a contract to incentivize it while convincing him to come I don’t know.

So…HY is going after two head coaches…well, why not go after David Shaw? Why not him? Right…I already know…well get ready for five six win seasons…

Burning desire may be a stretch but he can rebuild the mess as well as anyone who has been mentioned. Needs a 5 year deal to provide stability. We shall see??

How do you/ we know he hasn’t reached out to Shaw’s reps? Nobody knows but HY yet your the one bring race to this board with un-known knowledge

Thank You…that’s all I’m stating…give the man a chance…he won at Stanford…one of the toughest places to recruit due to their academic standards…and he has put players in the NFL…even helped Mason land an SEC job…

Shaw wants the Arkansas job?

How do we know he hasn’t? Nobody knows, every name, lack of name is pure speculation… only HY and probably a couple of his soldiers know

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If it is being suggested Shaw wants the job we should pay him anything he wants and it’s his no question.

Not sure I understand why Shaw wants it but heck ya give him the job.

But coming back to reality, does Kiffin even want the job?

It is really difficult to know who is actually available. My guess is that Kiffin ends up at FSU. He might be a great hire but he has failed at multiple jobs and never been successful anywhere except Alabama as OC. I would rank Campbell Norvell Fickell and Fuente all above Kiffin but I am not convinced that any of that group wants the Ark job. Two who reportedly do want the job are Leach and Pittman and I like both but Pittman probably has no chance because of a lack of head coaching experience. Additionally I would not be surprised if they hire someone not even being mentioned.

Leach is one weird dude and he runs his mouth to much but he is also arguably the best offensive mind in college football. His offensive scheme is so hard to defend and watching that type of offense would be exciting after watching boring football ever since Petrino left. He seems to do more with less than any other coach and Arkansas certainly has less right now. Say what you want about him but his teams are fierce competitors and that is because teams take on the personality of the head coach. That to me is more important than being polite to writers during a press conference.

My third-hand sources indicate that we’ve already reached out to Kiffin and he said no. Do they know what they’re talking about? I have no idea.

I’m also hearing that we may be very close to having our man whoever it might be. But I don’t have a clue who that might be

Kiffin ain’t leavin’ the state of Florida.

Of course he won’t leave.

Because his case to make of rehabilitation and national respect is…

Most on here are familiar with what some call the “Cult of Gus” - the diehard loyalists to Gus Malzahn. Irrational support and rather blind loyalty.

There is a “Cult of Lane” active. Monte Kiffin left behind some contacts/relationships that are being used to prop up Kiffin’s candidacy to UA. These fans are an out-sized voice on message boards (not necessarily this one, where the chatter is more cordial, and even-handed in whom generates support). They support at the expense of other candidates. That is a bad place to be.

Anytime someone says, ‘idiotic to support X’ it screams “delusional” fan or “agenda”.

There are literally 100+ D1 coaches (HC, coordinators, assistants) who would be a noteworthy upgrade over Chad Morris. Most have glitches or question marks (else why would they be a candidate at UA?) but they are upgrades. A dozen, maybe more, could get us in the bowl conversation by 2021. A handful maybe, could get us in that conversation a year earlier…or at the least stem the loss of season ticket holders and reboot some enthusiasm in the locker room and fanbase. When you cross off the the pipedream or just plin silly names (Bob Stoops, Nick Saban) you still have a lot of good options.

In some ways this is a frighteningly easy hire - just grab one of the 100, and hope for one of the dozen+. In some ways this is a frighteningly hard hire - because we really need one of those 3-4 and NOT getting them pushes the timeline out far enough to create $$$$ worries, long term.