Do we start Murphy on Friday?

Assuming DVH would want to save Knight for the 2nd game.

That’s possible. Campbell could be an option too, having thrown well against the Corndogs.

Yes I would think he would

The beauty of this team is that we have top notch starting pitching for 3 games if Campbell is on his game. They’re all really good. Then when Reindl, Rammage & Cronin are available, we have a really nice staff. The others can be great in short bursts. Scroggins worries me. Lee can usually help in a pinch.

It will also be nice for Shaddy & Biggers to be back & healthy.

I wish Jackson Rutledge would find his mo-jo, but about the only way I’d expect to see him is if we’re holding a large lead in late innings & DVH wants to save everyone else.

If I remember correctly Rutledge isn’t there anymore. He transferred to JuCo.

Already? I knew there was talk about that likelihood, but I figured he’d wain until the season was over. I guess he can enroll in summer school, but I’d wait until the fall if it were me.

He’s gone.

Rutledge is gone.

I’m a pitch your best guy in the first game and don’t mess around guy.

Not doing it the way you have all season is how teams find themselves in the losers’s bracket on Saturday.

I tend to agree. If we were paired with a really bad, got-in-because-they-won-the-weak-conf tourney team, I might take a chance, otherwise, I’m with you. I will say this, though, it’s nice when your #2 guy is as good as Murphy & #3 is as good as Campbell can be.

Having a good #2 works both ways. You know you’re not giving up much the second game, but OTOH, there’s less risk of suffering the embarassing loss with a good #2.

I think you keep your rotation like it was during the conference season. Go with your Friday starter first, your Saturday starter next and then the Sunday starter. I think that sends a message to the team not to take the first team lightly. If you lose the first game, the odds of winning the regional take a huge hit.

Pitching Murphy first worked OK at Hoover. So he comes into the regional as the most recent first-day starter.

We beat Ausua in the first game last year, but it was only a 3-0 win so he threw pretty well.

Absolutely. The Hogs did that once in a regional in Tempe. They then had to play in the heat of the day on the next day. That +100° day sapped the stamina right out of the Hogs.

Agree. I don’t doubt Murphy would do a good job, but you have to go for it.

In Matt’s story on the decision to play the early game, Blaine Knight sounded as if he were preparing to start Game 1. That doesn’t mean he will, but he talked the need to remain hydrated in the heat.

Seems like I recall (correct me if I’m wrong) DVH in the past starting his #2, and I’m not talking about last week which was a schedule issue. In a regional/super. But I think he will go BN Friday.

He opened up last year pitching#2 Stephan so I guess we’ll have to see

In this format, the win Saturday is as important as the one Friday. A loss either day throws you into the losers bracket. That really lowers the odds of advancing.

This is a decision I’m very happy to leave with DVH & Wes Johnson. They’re getting well paid to know the best approach. And let’s face it, no one knows until it’s over which way is best. Still, they’re more likely to “guess right” than we are.

On the SEC Now: Road to Omaha show, DVH said that because Murphy had more rest, he would be under consideration for the start on Friday. They will evaluate Knight after a couple of days.

We lost 3 games at Baum this year. 2 TO USC 1 to Kent State

USC 3-1 Southern Cal—LOL 2 USC’s
Win - Longrie, Q. (2-0). Loss - I. Campbell (1-1). Save - Lunn, C. (5).
WP - M. Cronin 2(2). Pitches/strikes: Longrie, Q. 99/56; Wegman, B. 16/8; Lunn, C. 14/8; I. Campbell 73/43; M.
Cronin 55/36; C. Scroggins 10/7.

Kent State 10-4
Win - Havekost (1-0). Loss - I. Campbell (1-2). Save - None.
WP - I. Campbell(2); C. Scroggins(1). HBP - by I. Campbell (Parks); by Havekost (C. Opitz). PB - C. Opitz(1).
Pitches/strikes: Wollersheim 63/41; Havekost 56/39; Mathews 48/30; I. Campbell 73/42; J. Reindl 41/22; M. Cronin
8/5; C. Scroggins 5/1; C. Bolden 27/12; J Kostyshock 3/3; Z Vermillion 8/5.

3rd loss–3-2 to USC
Win - Bridges (2-0). Loss - B. Loseke (0-1). Save - Demurias (3).
WP - K. Ramage(6). CI - Taylor. Pitches/strikes: L. Chapman 73/45; Bridges 55/37; Demurias 41/29; B. Knight 70/48;
B. Loseke 28/17; E. Lee 30/17; C. Scroggins 12/7; K. Ramage 11/8.