Do we see lineup change to get offense going

Offense has been in a funk last 2 games, does DVH switch up the batting Order, I would not be surprised. Good heart is seeing the ball better than anybody I could possibly see him moving into the 3 spot and moving Webb into leadoff, Franklin really struggling, may move him down some… we will see but somehow someway, we better start hitting with RISP.

Was thinking same thing this morning. Too many huge cuts for the HR ball. Make solid contact and make the other team play defense. Agree on Goodheart.

I was in bed by game time last night but I sure hope of course tonight we win and move on It is do or die day.

We need to change the approach at the plate. We did not work counts and did not use the whole field and Nebraska did. They appear to be the better team.

They’re not the better team., They are executing better, with 2 strikes we have to start trying to put the ball into play like they are, almost all their hits came with 2 strikes.

Nebraska the better team? Hundreds of pollsters and tens of thousands of fans across the country disagree.

It’s just baseball. Don’t over react.


You are absolutely correct. The guys slider was over the plate and you cannot catch the fastball go the other way with the slider earlier in the count.

No way they’re the better team, but they could absolutely win two from us and they outplayed us last night.

The best team don’t always win. Why we have 10 losses.
But this best team has not faltered in a 3 game series anywhere they played. But there is a first time for everything.
However not this time. Just settle down and take care of business at home.

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This is just a little adversity. The team will respond as they have all season. Should be a great game to watch. Every Championship caliber team responds positively to adversity as they have all season. No panic in these guys. Hopefully this will be a breakout game for Franklin, Opitz and others. WPS


This is the lineup tonight:

DH Matt Goodheart
RF Cayden Wallace
1B Brady Slavens
CF Christian Franklin
2B Robert Moore
C Casey Opitz
3B Cullen Smith
SS Jalen Battles
LF Zack Gregory

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Doesn’t look like much shuffling. I’ll trust DVH. We just need the hitters to perform.

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Nope no shuffling for sure. They can do it !

No Welch?

No and even though he didn’t do anything against LH last night, I thought he would be in tonight against LH, I thought Webb might be in too but Gregory in against the LH, hope it all works out

Welch is a great option off the bench. That has been his role. I like it.

He definitely seems to do better PH…

I just looked at the stats for the tournament. NEB batting .366. Hogs .227. Not something I really needed to see. Hogs need to snap out of it quick. This team is dangerous. Little DVH has learned well.

Yeah gotta hit to win and we’ve shown we can we need it most and that time is tonight!

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