Do we really deserve to go to the tournament?

If we lose to Auburn I just don’t think we deserve it. We look like a team that is ready to go home and call it a day.

God forbid we get an NIT bid. Nick and AB will never play in the NIT and I’m sure the guys wanting to transfer would not play either.

What a shame to have 3 Mcdonalds AA and we are a 10 seed in the SEC tourney.

This is a great question, Jeff. Apparently, even if we lose to Auburn, our metrics are still good enough to get in…with 19 wins, 13 losses, and an 8-11 conference record.
My head and eyes tell me we are not a tourney team, but my heart desperately wants to believe we have a run in us.
Regardless, if we do go, we are backing in like a trash tuck at a landfill.


I think we get in NCAAT and the team surprises us with a decent showing. All depends who we draw 1st round. Muss needs to scold these kids about growing up and quit wearing their emotions on their sleeves…bow up and man up!


Let me put it this way. I don’t think we owe anyone an apology if we get a bid.

We certainly are making it tough on ourselves… But as you know, sometimes teams suddenly perk up in post-season, so for me it’s a wait and see kind of thing.


If we get a bid, yes, we deserve it. Can we complain if we don’t? Probably not, but even that would depend on who gets in ahead of us.

It seems to me when people say, “we don’t deserve a bid” what they’re really saying is, “I’m disappointed in how the season has gone & I’d like the team to be punished for my disappointment.” It’s a statement of frustration, not an objective observation about which of 64 (or 68) teams get in. I guarantee you some bad team in a 1-bid league will win its conference tournament and will stand less chance than we do of winning it all.

I didn’t really think Ole Miss deserved a bid to the NCAA baseball tournament, either, but I guess they did.



Also yup.

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Neastarkie said it perfectly!


Nah I think people have a hard time believing we deserve a bid based on our non conference schedule. Because based off our sec performance we definitely don’t deserve a bid. And ya people are disappointed in that, but watching it was punishment enough. I don’t think the team deserves anything different than what they get. They did beat A&M and Kentucky and San Diego State and Missouri. Those teams didn’t just forfeit. Maybe the hogs did just enough to be deserving. If the committee agrees then great. Our sec regular season was not deserving though. I don’t think the sec is strong enough to say anyone from the bottom half of the league deserves an at large bid, but it’s not just that. We didn’t pass the eye test in sec play either. And although it’s not a criteria the committee uses many people feel it should heavily weigh the trajectory of how a team played the last 3rd of the season. If they allegedly do factor in which star players were out for parts of the win loss overall record, well then they should also weigh how that team finished once the star player returned. It just feels wrong to enter March madness on such a let down to end our regular season. I hope we get hot in the sec tourney and go into selection Sunday with more confidence than question marks

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The most accurate bracketologist the last five years has us as an 8 seed currently.

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Thanks Razorag! I appreciate factual information.

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Actually, we might be better off as a lower seed, particularly paired against a number 1 seed in the second game (should we win the first).

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Of course we deserve to go! We’re the Razorbacks. Why sell us short!

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Of course we deserve to go. Not a beauty contest.

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I agree. It is okay to complain if we don’t get in. Don’t understand the whining when we don’t get in.

Yes I absolutely think we belong in the dance because we have proven when we are on our best game we can compete with anybody…
Look how terrible our baseball team was last year going into the Regionals?? They were absolutely awful and I was so glad we got a chance to go on the road and even mention that… what happened was they got one win!! Then they got 2 wins! And won an absolutely incredible regional at Oklahoma State… You saw the mojo starting to swell!!which carried them all the way into Omaha which we could have very easily won had it not been for another team named Ole Miss who just happened to be the last team invited to the whole freaking tournament!! So yes you have two examples right there of why people who have a lot of talent have to be allowed to let it all come together at the right time.

This team just needs to win a game!! Hopefully it will be against Auburn Thursday but even if they don’t I have full confidence in this team that when the dance starts and they play against somebody who knows nothing about us!!! they’re going to have some new shoes!!!


Well, to get where we want to go in the tournament, gonna have to beat some high seeds. Did last year (the Zags). This year we may just have to beat one a round earlier.

I don’t buy that particular argument.

Let me ask this…you have a team that is 8 and 22…BUT three of those wins are over teams ranked (NET, whatever) #6, #11 and #14. So, they have proved that “at their best” they can play with anyone.

Should they be in the Tournament?

Certainly, that is PART of the evaluation. But it’s the entire body of work - good and bad - that determines who gets in…or, should be at least.

My answer is yes . Beating those teams is a better case than have playin games for one or two remaining positions knowing those teams did not have that on their resumes.

Your analysis seems to be missing the realization that with a record like 8-22, unless their schedule was THE most difficult in the country (by a LOT), they almost certainly have a lot of losses to other teams that were not nearly so highly ranked…including some “bad losses”…and many of them at home. Does that not count for anything?

Sure it does but tournament is willing to let them play their way in so I take the view of on court count wins mean more. Fact is some teams get in because there is a spot for them regardless of who they played and the records of wins often reflects that. In boxing terms I like the phase of a fighter’s chance but many of the last teams in are cannon fodder in terms of chances. JMHO