Do we play to win games?

It looks as if at times we play not to lose.

Good observation. We play to keep it close instead of making something happen. Coaching philosophy.

CBB wastes the last possession of every first half. It cost us in this game.

Turnovers were killers in this game. Unable to protect QB, but 17 points of TO’s just make it impossible to win.

Two weeks ago, we came out against the Aggies with some creative offense. It went away at the half and we haven’t seen it since and I don’t know why!!!

Did we change lines when Kelley came in? Did USCe change their defensive line when Kelley came in? I only ask because it seemed he had a much cleaner pocket than AA.

They’d already kicked our teeth in… it’s called coasting

Too tight. Play not to lose every time out.

I agree! With a huge lead and not much time left, teams play different. Also, coaches are more conservate, and play more 2nd string players. Likely Kelley would not have looked as good, if there was 15 minutes left in the game and the score tied or SC was only leading by less than a touchdown.