Do we not have a motion offense set??

Very proud of the effort the kids game but I got so sick and tired of watching us trying to run that spread and just dribbling the ball around the perimeter Knowing damn well we couldn’t penetrate.
Why did we not go to a motion offense with cutters running through the lane and setting picks and going out for 3’s and maybe just maybe we could have got Isaiah Joe open. I don’t think he shot a ball the last 15 minutes the game yet Herro from Kentucky and running Free beating us by his self.

I don’t understand why we choose to go to the spread all the time it killed us in the game against North Carolina a few years ago too.we don’t have anybody that can penetrate so why even try to go to that.

The spread worked some last night in the first half when Gafford was on the bench. Harris killer the spread last night mainly because he can’t score. Wrong man to have even on the floor.
Joe was being held and mugged all night long. It’s hard to move when your being pulled and grabbed.
Take this into account would you Guard Harris from the outside?

i just want to see north and south movement toward the goal and not east west I want to see numerous cutters going into the lane and maybe setting a pick on Gafford man so he can shake loose and then popping out for a 3 we always just dribble around the perimiter and rarely attack the rim so its easy to defend us knowing that. I though we would set some double screens to get Joe open but then again I don’t think I have ever seen us do that,just frustrating for Joe not to put up a shot for the last 13-15 min…got to design a way to keep that from happening.

Guy was holding his jersey, there was two camera shots last night that showed both Gafford’s guy and Joe’s guy with a handful of jersey. I’m sure people get away with it every game, but, hard for the player that’s getting held to get open

You guys do know that UK has the #9 defense in the nation, don’t you? It’s not like teams are lining up and torching them on a nightly basis. It’s not all about us. We scored about 1.05 points per possession last night, which is much better than Kansas (0.93), Moo U (0.93), UF (0.85), USC (0.790), and Auburn (0.83) managed against them recently. I guess Self, Howland, White, Martin, and Pearl have crap players that are poorly coached, too.

I’m very aware of how good Kentucky defense is and never said anything about crap players and being poorly coached all I said was we kept running the same offense with absolutely zero effectiveness that is the definition of insanity.I was thinking we would have went to a different type of offense to try to break us out of the funk we were in but we never did and it allowed them to gain the momentum and with a few favorable calls from the refs they were able to pull out the win.