Do we lose a 4 seed?

I like both of them and think they are both great coaches.

But the biggest difference in Muss and Buzz to me is this.

Muss accepted the job when he was offered it.

Buzz twice made it clear that he wasn’t interested in coaching here when approached.


Exactly what happened in Oklahoma game. Slow to the ball. Slow to react. Chasing instead of defending. Too much reaching instead of moving feet on D. Too many turnovers. Too many mental errors. Just a bad game. It happens.

We deserve a 4 seed, imo. One loss in a meaningless conference tournament doesn’t change my opinion on that. We’ve won 25 games. We beat Auburn, Kentucky, and Tennessee. What other potential 4 seed out there was better than us throughout the season? Not one I can think of.

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And…to make myself clear…I would prefer to have Muss over anyone I can think of.
My comments referred to today only.

Clearly, we got outplayed today. That is obvious. I don’t see practices…nor do I know the kids. So I should have left it at that.

They kicked our butts.

Moving on to the Big Dance.

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Wow. Well, that’s interesting. I wasn’t aware Buzz was ever offered the Arkansas job.

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Same look as Va Tech vs Duke. Quicker to the ball, rebounds, luck, and on the floor balls.

Our 2 stars were just eliminated.

So, was it a Texas thing that caused Buzz to take the inferior job? Because even if I take my Hog goggles off, there is no way, in any universe, that A&M will EVER be a better job than Arkansas in basketball. You said a mouthful there, Dudley…almost like we settled for Muss, because Buzz turned us down? Please elaborate.

Was Buzz offered the job after Pelphrey, Anderson, or both?

Just curious.

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Agreed! How do you “coach” JD into understanding that , as great as he plays, the team is in trouble when he has to sit out because of early fouls due to aggressive play? His lack of availability for long periods is a major disruption to whatever plans the coaches may have developed for a game.

If one “coaches” his natural aggressiveness out of his play, does he retain the natural instincts that set him apart in so many ways?

To put it another way, if you “coach” the wolf out of him, does he become just a well trained and highly skilled dog?

Wow. This thread went in a direction I never intended.

I will grant anyone as being correct when you assert that players are individuals. Make individual plays. Players can make a coach look good and bad. Players are not chess pieces. As someone that played the game, I certainly know I was no chess piece.

My point was…and maybe made clumsily…is that everything is, IMO, a combination of individual play and coaching. Players play. And have to execute. Coaches teach. Organize and run practices. Decide who is on the roster and who plays. And what schemes are run.

This all started when I said Buzz outcoached Eric. People defended Eric. Good. We are all loyal to our Coach.

I was mainly trying to say what is obvious. Buzz Williams did one helluva job coaching his small, unheralded aggies in this tourney. They ran out of legs today. Shots that went in against us stopped going in. Was that coaching? No. A point to players play. Not coaches.

But, a team’s overall performance is almost always a combo of coaching and the players playing.

One thing for sure…next time we lose I shall keep my mouth shut. Which I usually do.

Love those Hogs. Love Muss. Love Pitt. Love this board.

On to Selection time.

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Agree w you :100:. Attitude, effort, focus, is a reflection of the coach. Size speed and skill not so much. But sometimes circumstances give one side a huge advantage. I don’t think muss or the players will ever fail to match anyone in motivation and effort when both sides are facing elimination


This was a good thread. Buzz did get the best of Eric 2 out of 3 this year and was very close to a sweep. With a less talented team.

Yes, we are very loyal to our coach, but it still doesn’t mean he is perfect or above questioning. I’m perfectly fine with you saying what you did, and I agree.

Outplayed, outhustled, outcoached…all of the above. When you are favored by 6.5 points and lose by 18, obviously you weren’t prepared and there is enough blame to go around. Muss can look in the mirror and learn from it just like everyone else.

I wouldn’t trade Muss for anyone else in the country. No one. Not Buzz, Not Jay Wright, not anyone else you want to line up. He checks all the boxes. But if he is as elite as I think he is, he will learn from what didn’t work in our preparation and make sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s what the great ones do. On the rare occasion where maybe you are outcoached, or pushed the wrong buttons, you are driven to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Interesting point. Our fans have been enamored with Buzz for quite awhile. For whatever reason, he has shown absolutely no interest in our program, but has been interested in 2 lesser programs (VTech & TAmU) (I understand the TX thing).

FWIW—I think he’s a very good coach. I also think it’s notable that this was his 3rd year at TAMU and he is yet to make the Ncaat with them (would not have in the Covid cancelled year).

Muss has made the NCAAT in 5 of his 6 years as a HC with one Elite 8. By my count, Buzz has made the NCAAT in 8 of 15 seasons as a HC with 1 Elite 8.

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Great post.

He was approached about it twice.

I was actually asked to make overtures to two coaches by a former Arkansas admin.

I politely declined - as I did earlier in my career when asked by a different admin - as I did not consider that journalistically ethical.

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Interestingly, I have never been enamored with Buzz. Honestly didn’t think much about him until this year. I am not sure I like his public personality (whereas I loved Eric’s…and notice I said public personality because I know neither)…but I like how his aggie team played to finish the year.

But I would take Eric 10 times out of 10 as our coach.


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