Do we lose a 4 seed?

I hope not.

But if we do we brought it on ourselves.

Losing to the aggies is one thing. THROTTLED?? DOMINATED?

That’s another thing. Thankfully, while there is a significant difference between a 3 and 4 seed, there isn’t a huge difference between a 4 and 5. 4 plays a 13. 5 plays a 12. Then if seeding holds they play one another.

Still…today was totally embarassing and cannot help confidence. JD is slumping at the wrong time.

Agreed. There’s a reason net takes into account margin of victory

I agree, not much difference in a 4/5 seed.

Because of that blow-out and overall body of work, I’m now fine with a 4 or 5 seed.

If we had won, I’d feel differently. Did not see this one coming.


I don’t know if it will or not but if it does we have nobody to blame but us we deserve to drop a spot if that’s the case with this performance today. They didn’t give a crap so whatever it is .it is.

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If A&M wins the tournament it won’t matter if they lose bad in finals it might.

One game should not make a difference. We should still be a 4. It’s the body of work. We looked like we had steel shoes on.

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Notae and Williams need a big mental reset. Muss was clearly frustrated with both of them today. If their play doesn’t improve significantly it doesn’t matter what seed we receive. It will be a very short tournament.

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Nobody will want to say it, so I will. Musselman, who is a great coach, got his butt outcoached today. Williams outschemed him. They had answers for our offense. Kept us out of sync the whole game. And their defense was aggressive…which was taken way from us with foul trouble. Lack of depth whacked us today. Their offense absolutely sliced though us like a steak knife through butter.

I would say we didn’t play hard. I don’t think that was the case.
We played shell shocked. Stunned. Confused. Frustrated.

And they played with GREAT confidence.

We showed today that if JD and Jaylin both play badly in the same game, we basically stink. Hate to say it, But we lack the quality depth to make up for either one playing bad.

Stanley played well today. Toney played ok.

Everyone else was a disaster.

I say winning breeds winning.

Let’s hope being humiliated by a team that may or may not even make the dance doesn’t hurt you.

Wow. Shocked.

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I’ve always thought buzz is a great coach but to me today basically was about we just didn’t come out with the intensity that we normally do we let them get off to a good start and we just couldn’t play catch up. We look like a team that knew it was in the tournament and just didn’t come out and didn’t match the intensity Texas A&m came out with because it meant a lot more to them. We will see what we look like next week

We didn’t play hard. And I would say we got out coached automatically any time we don’t play as hard as the other coaches team. But ya we also were stunned and confused from top to bottom, and we didn’t have a response or adjustment at any point.
That is the surprising thing to see from our coaching staff. Keith Smart on the radio just now said all the exact same stuff that Bruce Pearl said yesterday. That is so disappointing to hear, but there must be something to it. Texas A&M is a completely different team than the one anyone prepared for. Still looked like our hogs couldn’t beat a standard 2-3 zone against fayetteville high today. I was most impressed by the aggies offense, which apparently was a completely different offense than anything they played this year. It looked like it was tailor made to break down our defensive rotations and make our scheme, of forcing the dribble to the baseline and help there with rotations on the backside, just totally work to their advantage

Don’t deserve a 4 seed now. What ever they get it is fine. Flush this game and forget it.

What have you done for me lately Muss? !!! Good gosh almighty! Embarrassing comments.

Some of the same folks who said we were finished after the 3 straight losses. No matter what happens from here on out, team has had a great year.


I hope you are not referring to my comments.

I said Muss got outcoached today. Which he did. Happens to every coach. Unfortunately, today was one of Muss’s days.

I also said Muss is a great coach. Which he is. In no way have I forgotten what he’s done for the program. I love him. Believe in him. I never said we were finished after games, nor have I said we didn’t have a great year. This was one game.

But Buzz and his staff had a great plan today…and their kids executed it. Ours…not so much.

The margin is what upsets me. Far more than the loss. I didn’t think anyone could blow our doors off if we had everyone healthy.

I was wrong.

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We deserve it as much as Auburn will deserve their 2 and Baylor their 1. It’s one game!

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If we do, the system is really flawed.

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Saying Muss got outcoached is a ridiculous comment in my opinion. He’s done an amazing job with a group of guys with no true pg and no real super star. Tough crowd!

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Well, sorry. I think he got outcoached. TODAY. NOT FOR A WHOLE SEASON.
Muss is a great coach. Today, IMO, Buzz outcoached him.

On most days, Muss outcoaches his peers.

In no way am I condemning Muss as our coach. I hope he coaches here until he retires. That doesn’t mean he’s never going to get outcoached on a given day. All coaches get outcoached on given days. It’s the nature of the beast.

Some days I lead crappy rehearsals. Conduct bad concerts. And my choir is Grammy nominated. We all have bad days.

Today was one.

This is just my opinion. And I condemn no one. But I don’t think this game was strictly on the kids.
No win or loss is ever strictly on the kids.

Go Hogs. And Go Muss. Still support you with all I got.


Arkansas lost its sense of urgency that the team displayed in the early and middle parts of its long winning streak.

I think this loss will help the team regain it.

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What is it specifically that he did to get out coached? Our 2 best players were no shows. We didn’t play hard. They beat us to every loose ball and hit shots. We didn’t.

Listen to the post game interviews. I’m sure muss will spell it out for you. Keith Smart did on the radio. Call it luck if you want but the aggies played schemes we were unprepared for both offensively and defensively. And we/muss didn’t make any adjustments that worked. Just a bad day at the office. Thankfully muss doesn’t have many of those. I’m sure we will prepare and execute differently next time.