Do we know

How much scrimmaging the team has done in preseason compared to previous years? How much tackling to the ground?

In normal years, you would have three major scrimmages in the spring, then three in the fall. This year they have had no spring practices, period. This fall, there have been two major scrimmages and then a thudded third. They have tackled to the ground in one-on-one drills. That’s it. In most years, you would have three scrimmages in the fall. But one of them would probably be mostly third teamers. So overall, this fall is comparable to other years over the last 25 years under the 85 limits. In the days with 120 on scholarship, you scrimmaged more, but your first two groups didn’t do more than two full-contact 120-play scrimmages. I recall that Perino had a 180-play scrimmage, but he was working the walk-ons some of that and letting the top two in the depth chart kneel on the sideline.

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