Do we know what a pick and roll is?

In this game against NDS, many times we’d bring the post up to just beyond the elbow
and pick for our guards. Their defense would hedge with 2 guys (the one guarding the
guard, and the one guarding the big man) to prevent an open shot by the guard. On
most cases that left the big man WIDE open rolling to the basket and we never looked
at that one time. Evidently the defense knew that we obviously don’t know about the
pick and roll because they never bothered to be afraid of it.

This would have given Moses some more touches and made it much harder for the
defense to cheat that defender out on the guard. Do they ever work on this? Granted,
I watched Stockton and Malone grind up NBA defenses with this for years and wonder
why we just never see this much on the college level.

Otherwise, very happy with being 10-1, just a bit worried if we get somewhere and our
guards are not hitting 3’s will we be able to win. This team for as many guards as we
seem to have seems to find it difficult feeding the post.

What is a pick and roll? Make it short, so I won’t forget it.

I’m sure if we had Stockton or Malone we could execute that better.

I do think it would help to get the big more touches. I don’t know if we practice it. My guess would be do what’s working. You are looking for something else a team that is 10-1 could do to… what? Be 10-1?

Amen Huntin Hog, I saw this too. If we had a guard to execute it correctly Moses could score another 8 points a game off this.

In all fairness the pick and roll is one of the 1st basic offensive sets you learn (well used to learn) in basketball at the lowest level.
In fact it is so basic that it has become sort of a lost practice in todays college game, but I agree when you have guards and centers/forwards fully versed in it, it can be performed just about anywhere in an offensive set 15’-18’ and closer to the basket.

The pick and roll that we run does not work very well for a couple of reasons. Number 1, is the ball handler must wait for the screen to be set and then dribble off the screen as if he is going to drive or use the screen to get a shot, in other words with a purpose. Number 2, I see the screener leaving too soon at times. Moses is guilty of this a lot of the time. There has to be good timing by the screener and the dribbler for it to be effective.

It occurs to me that one reason we don’t PNR very much is that Moses tends to turn the ball over when he’s on the move, and the PNR requires him to catch and finish while on the move. Just a guess, though.

Pick & Roll is simply the “Screen Roll”. The Guard with the ball having a defender on him, Moses suppose to set a pick for him so the guard can clear the defender, then Moses suppose to “Roll” towards the basket open. He receives the pass for a dunk, shot, or lay up. I am sure they work on it and seen it done.