Do we know time of KB announcement?

Do we know where he makes it from?


The article that RD posted, he said he doesn’t have a time, but will make the announcement from bed, so my guess is either when he wakes up, or when he goes to bed (morning or evening). Lot of people are going to be watching his timeline tomorrow.

He keeps saying he is making his announcement from bed, bet he has a blanket with the team’s logo on it.

Thank you.

Yea the bed announcement leaves it wide open for approx 23 hrs & 58 mins, from 12:01 to 23:59 hrs.

Well, I’ve heard it all now. A recruit is going to announce his choice from bed. Really? That is bizarre.

Who is this guy? John Lennon.

Remember back in the day John Lennon and Yoko used to have press conferences while they were in the sack.