Do we know Goodhearts status?

That could be a crippling blow to our offense

DVH said he was checked out and was fine would be sore today as you might guess but Dr’s said he had no looseness in the shoulder,they watched him swing the bat and cleared him for play…yeah I said a prayer for him,kid has worked hard and been a absolute star for us and just hope he can continue…looks like we dodged a big bullet b/c it looked bad.

It was scary. You could see him cry out on the TV screen. I had no idea how serious it was even after he stayed in the game. Glad he’s going to be okay

I’d bet a whole lot of money that he has a mild or 1st degree acromio-clavicular separation. Mechanism of injury was just right as was his reaction and physical findings. A few days to two weeks for complete recovery… No treatment needed. Shoulder will be really uncomfortable since it has such a large range of motion and is not well supported.

That’s what I thought!!

He sure showed pure heart and guts with that slide at the plate.
I don’t want to see him diving back in at first base anymore!

He is not in the lineup tonight. 🤷‍♀️

Is he playing today?