Do we know for sure

That McBride has a UA offer?

Nobody on here is saying for sure, but all indications are that the answer is no. It has been said by other recruiting analysts on the radio though.

I hope Muss is just waiting on Walker’s ACT results and possible commitment. But, I know that Mackey is visiting and talking to other schools as if Arkansas is not an option for him.

He visited Vanderbilt last weekend.

I am hearing that he is talking to Gonzaga as well and trying to set up a visit. Have not confirmed that with multiple sources, except for second hand info. If it is true, we should know in the next few days.

McBride told one media member last week that he did not have an offer from Arkansas.

I would think that if CEM has not made an offer then something else is going on that we simply aren’t aware of at this time and it’s probably a big deal with another player CEM really wants more for his system.
I suggest we all stay tuned.

Go Hogs!

Yeah, I think if Walker does not come, then Mackey will likely be offered (not assured, but probable), or if Mackey is still available and KK commits elsewhere (highly unlikely), then Mackey gets offered.

What happened at Kansas that caused him to leave so quickly?

I’m not an insider, but I think it’s tied up in Robinson. I know I sound like a broken record, but I can’t see him taking another 6’1 guard to go along with KK, Notae, Sills and Harris.

I could if what some are saying happen does happen. There are a lot of people that think Harris, Sills, and Henderson are “out” after this year. Have no idea if that is true, but if so, Muss would have room for McBride. But I still think it’s tied to Walker. The scholarship either would need is the open one in Dec. Interestingly, KS now has that same open scholarship available for Walker (and has recently been linked to his name) because McBride left

Gonzaga has an open scholarship also, as does Virginia, but I have not heard anything recently connecting McBride and Virginia (only that he was contacted right after he announced he was leaving Kansas).

Gonzaga interest confirmed, Texas A&M possible visit also.

No way Sills is leaving(imo) The kid plays with more heart than anyone on the team. We don’t win last night without Desi.

Yeah he is always going to play big minutes as either a starter or as a sixth man. That kid is a winner.

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I like Sills, but going off Muss’ statements, someone on the current list of guards won’t play much. Especially, if Joe comes back.

I think Harris we be the one losing minutes. He didn’t play much last night in the second half.

Not trying to argue, but:

Joe (if he returns), Jones, Moody, Davis, Robinson - who sits for Sills? And that’s not counting the potential of Walker or McBride becoming a Hog.

I think Muss expands the rotation if we have all of those guys… including Notae. No doubt the guys were dog tired last night at the end.

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No argument just good conversation…lol

What I think is that Muss is going to make them compete for it. He may change his ways of subbing if he has the talent to sub. He seems to really play around his strengths. I would bet if he ends up with all the guys mentioned above he would play them. I could be wrong but just my thoughts.

I think its time to move on from Walker. He has lots of baggage following him around. Lots of talk that he can’t get along with teammates or coach’s. I don’t think he would make it with Muss.

To me it seems like coach is waiting on KK to offer McBride. If KK says yes Thursday I think McBride is left out.

I like college battle tested Jr Sills over incoming frosh Davis and to some degree KK.

The kid is just a dog.


Navy when he took it to the big dude last night I jumped out of my chair! I don’t think anyone else on our team would have done that.

You have to have some dogs on your team and he is the A1 dog right now.


Yeah, I keep forgetting Notae, and I bet he gets significant minutes