Do we have to win at least 2 in Hoover?

To get a top 8 seed? Assuming we lose today, we’ll be in double elimination at Hoover. If we win 1 & lose 2, I could see us falling out of the top 8. Vandy, MSU & UGA would likely be ahead of us. Doubt there’ll be 4 SEC top-seeded teams.

Might have to but it will be hard if we cannot come up with hits with men in scoring position and play porous defense like today.

I think we have lost concentration.

The WORST that can happen (for the SEC tourney) is that Arkansas ends up a 4 seed.

We are most likely a top 8 seed for the NCAA. After all, we have won 40 games.

I’m afraid that’s likely, though. I’ll be shocked if either MSU or UGA lose today. We finish at 20-10. They’ll be 21-9.

Kendall Rogers said that after we won the LSU series, we could lose the A&M series and go 0-2 in Hoover and still be a Top 8 seed. Our resume is impressive. Along with that, any SEC team who wins 18 conference games has been a national seed in the past 7 or 8 years. We’re good.

I’m afraid to hope, but right now SC leads MSU 3-1 in T5. If that holds, we still share the west & get the #2 seed in Hoover—meaning we don’t face Vandy in the second game.

Wouldn’t GA get the 2 seed if they win since they would have 21 wins?

The top seed from the West will automatically be the No. 2 seed. The division winners are guaranteed the 1-2 seeds, then the rest of the seeding is based on record.

To answer the original question, I don’t think we have to win any to get a seed. I think any lingering doubt ended when we won the opener Thursday night.

Again, we can’t rise to the occasion. I predict we lose 2 at the tournament. Our freshmen pitchers need more experience…maybe next year… :frowning:

The problem is not pitching but scoring with RISP. We don’t even need to get hits but to put ball in play, get to outfield which at this time of season should be no problem! We are swinging at pitches outside the strike zone. We have veteran players who are doing this! Casey Martin needs to stop all the errors. One play he looks like an All American and the next like today a freshman in high school!

I like our chances in our first game with Isaiah going against a team that has already pitched their #1

Won seven out of 10 SEC series. I think that’s rising to the occasion. Remember that we only won five SEC series last year when we were one strike from the national title.

Man, there’s some Chicken Littles on this board… :roll:

YUP…LY only won 18 in Conference and ZERO series on the road. Should have all home games.

All DVH wants to do is set up his pitching…if his top 3 get a turn in the SEC tourney, he is happy. He is not gonna use up any pitching to win the SEC tourney.

  • Looking at the SEC Tourney page, we would only play 4 games at the most anyway, if we win 1st game and advance it is single eliminate. If we lose the 1st game, we would have to win 3 straight to win it.

Yes, we have a good team and statistically probably better than last year. However, great teams rise to the occasion and this team should have swept the Aggie’s. Our freshmen pitchers will again be our weak link at the SEC tourney and the ncaa. Remember the pitcher that beat us at the our last game at the CWS last year…to me that’s rising to the occasion. Hopefully, one of the freshman pitchers will prove me wrong. :smiley:


In a word, “no”.

We might . . . might . . . “have” to win one. But I’m not even sure about that, because the committee does not weigh Conference tournaments with the same weight they do regular season games, which they should not. And I think we’ve put enough hay in the barn to have earned that National seed already. And I mean that not from my personal view, but from the national perspective. One thing that really helped us, IMO, is the MSU loss that gave us the SEC West title (yes - “co-champions”, but we get the top seed of the pair) because I DO think the committee will reward that, especially being that it’s the very hardest division in all of college baseball.

Best course of action is to put "most’ of our eggs into winning the opener - to leave no doubt - and then not to worry much beyond that. But I think we’re safe, regardless.

Maybe the way this last series went it will wake us up! We just really looked like we were going through the motions yesterday. Sometimes losses like this really wake you up and get you to refocus on the task at hand. My guess is DVH will have some stern talks with the team before we get to the first game of the tourney.

Let’s hope so…not the performance that was needed going into the tourney. I still say our freshman pitchers have to perform better for us to have a chance for a post season run.