Do we have to accept NIT?

I know that there is benefit to keep playing.

But with this roster likely turning over so much next season, Joe still likely not 100 percent, Whitt and Cylla and Bailey gone, not sure I see it.

I like to pound chest a little and say that it’s NCAA or bust for a program with our history but can see NIT if we are mostly freshmen etc.

Not sure what to think about using NIT for next year prep as next year’s roster may not include many playing now.

I assume some financial reasons to play as to sell some more cokes and beer.



There’s no good reason to turn it down. None. Certainly not getting your feelings hurt because you didn’t win enough games to make the Dance. You reward the kids for winning enough games to make postseason play.

I can see that. But it’s a pretty low bar for post season play reward.

Like if you have slightly over .500 record and can attract a few fans.

Not saying there aren’t some benefits.

The times we have had to accept (last year) it was sold more less as a young team needing more playing experience for the following season as virtually all were coming back.

I’m just suggesting that is likely not the case this time around.

It may allow coach to get to 20 wins this season and sell some beer and tickets to another home game or two.

Last year seemed like a slam dunk to go NIT for team development.

Just not sure same case this season.

Wonder if Mason would even play as may not want risk being hurt before NBA. Joe too.

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