Do we have the hitting to get to Omaha?

I have watched only parts of 4 or 5 games on TV. So, I am just observing the lack of punch in our lineup. Where did the number 1 ranking come from? Is it our pitching depth? Our defense? We have played 15-16 games, but we don’t seem to be a particularly good offensive team. Are we in a team slump early this year or do we have some sticks sitting on the bench waiting for their turn to shine? Or are we just not a real good offensive ball club?

It probably needs to improve for us to get to Omaha, but I expect it will improve with more games in more nice weather.

I don’t think you have to have a great hitting team to get to the College World Series. It certainly helps, but there have been poor hitting teams make it before. The 2012 Arkansas and South Carolina teams are a couple that come to mind. I think one team hit .281 and the other hit .279 that season.

I anticipate this Arkansas team will hit OK this season, but not as well as the teams in 2018 or 2019. There are a lot of players who have gone through good stretches, but not a lot of those stretches have overlapped.

Robert Moore didn’t hit well this weekend, but he has been solid this year. Brady Slavens, Christian Franklin and Casey Opitz are hitting well right now. Cullen Smith continues to do a good job of getting on base and improved his batting average and on-base percentage against a good Alabama staff. Cayden Wallace is showing progress every week and had three hits Saturday.

There are a lot of pieces to have a strong lineup by the end of the season, especially if Matt Goodheart starts to hit like he has in the past.

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The thing is, this lineup 1 thru 9 are very capable hitting. We have seen it this year with # 8 or 9 batters getting key hits to help in a win.

Not the least bit worried about Moore bouncing back at the plate. Hitting slumps happen and hopefully we get thru that early.

The thing about Omaha is you just have to get in the tournament and then win five games in June. Pitching and a little bit of hitting can get you there.

Or hitting and a little bit of pitching. I’ve seen it both ways.

Also true. Point is you don’t have to be super elite in both. Going 5-2 in seven 1-run games will get you there.

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