Do we have Sunbelt talent?

Is the talent we have on the field that of a Sunbelt team or is our coaching that level?

Who is ultimately responsible for the product on the field and the preparation?

Look at our past recruiting rankings, then compare it to the sunbelt.

You’ll get your answer. There may have been some misses, but not 50+.

There’s been really poor development, and coaching.

Here is your answer. Thank you Bret.


This may be taking advantage of an historic weak
moment. But I️ feel sick non the less

I think we have talent or more that what shows on Saturdays, but the staff and players seem to have taken the attitude of Bielema which is lazy, no emotion and has that far away eyes look, like nobody’s home.

It would seem 1 pt better than the last place Sun Belt team. Certainly no place in the SEC - well last I guess.

No we don’t have Sun Belt talent. Unfortunately, we don’t have SEC talent either at least not upper echelon. We would probably be a decent team in the American Athletic Conference.

There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re well above Sunbelt talent. I have no idea what is going on, but there’s enough of a talent gap between us & any SBC team that we should never have a day like Saturday against them. I don’t know who or what to blame, but ultimately it’s the HC’s responsibility.

I know days like Saturday will happen from time to time. MSU barely beat UMass last weekend. Ohio St got pummeled by Iowa. However, with those two schools Saturday was an aberration. We’ve had too many of them this year. I’m not saying this to bash Beilema. The problem might be at a level below him, but he’s the one who has to turn it around. If he stays, he’s run out of leeway. It he’s replaced, the new coach has got to right the ship. However, I know something is wrong.