Do we have a cool therapy machine?

I was just watching a Mississippi State basketball inside on SEC network and saw them getting into a cool therapy chamber just wondering do we have one… I have heard great things about them.

Didn’t we have the big stock tanks with ice water during the Bielema era? Kinda a poor man’s version??

Not sure but the cool therapy machines would definitely be something to invest in. I’ve had friends tell me it really does a great job refreshing your muscles back to normal very quickly.

Do you mean cryotherapy?

Yes that’s the official name but I wasn’t sure people would know what I was talking about LOL

They work. When my son was playing RB his junior and senior season I made sure he got in one on Saturdays after the game. He hated it at first but Monday mornings were so much better.

I’d hope that our coaches and marketing dept. would be on top of that and realizing the positives vs. the negatives/costs? would have a few already in transit. That would certainly be a wise investment worth checking into.

There is not one at our football facilities.

Wow very surprised at that! Would definitely be something to look into IMO.

I would think right now, there are not funds to spend on that. I am guessing that not many programs have spent money on something like that in the last couple of months. The money being spent right now is probably more in line with things that keep the team headed to a first game away from Covid-19.

That’s True. Not a lot of extra money floating around right now for sure.