Do we finally have some dogs?

For years I’ve thought we lacked toughness. But, as we stack up road wins after trailing by double digits, I’m starting to think we have some tough guys.

It takes something special to push through when all seems lost. And, it’s fun to be down 2, get fouled on a 3 and feel pretty confident that Macon was going to make all 3.

As Raftery says, ONIONS!!!

I think we do. Beard, Barford, Macon, Manny, and Hannahs just refuse to lose. It helps to have juniors and seniors at guard.

Hopefully, this team keeps gelling and gaining confidence. Basketball season is fun again at Arkansas. Go Hogs Go!!!

When you’re down 15 with just over 5 mins left on the road and you fight and claw your way to a conference victory just 1 time instills confidence and a whole different bravado. When you accomplish that 3 times in a short span well enough said.
No let downs now, MA has to keep that fire in m’


Bow Wow Yippy Yo Yippy Yay


I think Barford and Hannahs are fierce competitors. They want it so bad that sometimes they look pretty stressed out on the floor, especially Hannahs. But they don’t back down and they keep trying to find a way. One of those refs was on Barford and talking to Mike last night about some of the back and forth, but I like the fire.

Macon has lots of belief in self, and he at times shows a bit of fire. He obviously is not afraid of the critical moment, and that is a great thing.

Those three really let the rest of the rotation play hard within their roles. I think as those three generate and take the heat, it has started to free Moses up from all the “pre-season player of the year” pressure and allowed him to relax out there and play better. The rest of the rotation seems to be getting comfortable with their roles, especially Cook and Beard. It’s easier for those guys to be positive contributors when they know that those three guards one way or another(and not always the same ones) are going to be bringing it every game/

All in all, the team appears to be gelling and developing its identity. They could still fall short of the NCAAs, but it seems more likely that they will have a chance to play more than one game in the Big Dance than miss it.

Comments- CNR use to say often you win championships with your guard play, not sure if we there yet however I like the way this team is coming together,

What I’ve come to expect is that Darryl Macon and Dusty Hannahs are for sure big dogs. I was also impressed with how Moses fought back after a nasty collision with Jalyn Barford. That hurt me every time they showed the replay.

The team has caught on to what it takes to win on the road. Not to get down on yourself when things go bad, and mental toughness.

Yes we do and they be hungry.

Macon has just a little bit of Todd Day Swagger to him and that toughness makes a winner. I love to see a Razorback team making foul shots at such a high rate and when it counts.