Do we dare to dream?

Of three more wins? Suddenly Tulsa, Ole Miss and Vandy don’t seem quite so daunting. Even Miss Steak and Mizzou do not seem like mission impossible.

Why not?

Always remember it’s not as bad as it seems and not as good as it seems. But this team might could squeeze out a few more wins than we thought a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe not a dream but more an expectation?

People remembuh what you do in Novembuh.

  • Frank Broyles

Winning 5 of our last 6 is unlikely. But its something to hope for. All my positive energy will be aimed in that direction I can tell you that.

Ole Miss

Gotta win all those.

Then 2 of these 3:

LSU (they’ll be a big fav but we have beaten heavily favored LSU many many times)
Miss St. (shown to be less than great today)
Mizzou (they seem to have had Bret’s number…but Chavis is a different animal)

Its something to hope for anyway. These seniors deserve a bowl. I know that.

It would require giant steps that seemed impossible two weeks ago but now has some real legs…

I’m beginning to expect a win over Tulsa. Think Vandy & OM are doable. Miss St & MU are doable. Doubt we can win all 4 of those. Could lose all 4, but at least I see our chances as much better today than I did after UNT.

I think we win 3 or perhaps 4 more games. Finish 4-8 or 5-7.

I thought Missouri looked good against Georgia last week. The difference in the game was two non-offensive touchdowns by Georgia. I don’t think Arkansas has the line play to hold up against LSU. The Alabama result is a given.

Mississippi State’s offense is not as good as last year, but its defense is really good. Jeffery Simmons might be the best tackle the Hogs see all year.

I think Ole Miss and Vanderbilt have deficiencies that Arkansas could exploit at home.