Do We Change Approach Tomorrow?

  1. Top of the lineup hasn’t been hitting… do we shakeup the lineup some or their approach? Slavens injured and got his 1st HR hit in awhile and nothing this weekend from lead off and 3-hole. Need Franklin and Wallace to find their groove.
  2. Pitching? I’m guessing Wiggins or Bolden? Seems we pulled Lockhart a bit prematurely today? I guess DVH saw something he didn’t like. Costy killed us today and that’s with him being ahead in the count on those hitters that hit the HRs.
  3. NC States starter was awesome today until the 7th. Charlie hit his only mistake early in the game. I’m betting tomorrow’s guy will be a drop off from today’s production on the mound.

I like our chances tomorrow but worry about our pitching to advance very far in the CWS

Bolden not on the roster dealing with arm soreness.

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