Do we actually make a profit in baseball?

I heard LSU who’s always number one in attendantance only made $500,000 off of baseball and was curious as to what kind of profit if any we make?

Yes, I believe it was around 400,000 but could be wrong.

Ok I was thinking with our great crowds that we had to at least be making a decent amount of profit… Thanks

In 2018-19, baseball made a 855,000 profit.

Baseball’s profitability is mostly dependent on attendance. If the weather is good for the marquee series and the team is able to host a postseason regional or super regional, the revenues are probably going to exceed the expenses. I’ve also seen seasons where cold or rainy weather kept people away for a big series and the team didn’t host, and expenses exceeded revenue.

Every university is required to submit a financial report to the NCAA each year and it includes sport-by-sport breakdowns. This is Arkansas’ most recent report:

Wow! Ok…that’s pretty good compared to others

When they started requiring donations to buy most of the season tickets, it became a lot more profitable.

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