Do they give Tim Horton the AD post?

Brings back a well thought of Razorback letterman and coach, Currently works for Gus so loyal to new coach, and Tim’s dad well thought of by many and son comes back home to finish family work for the U.

Crazy thought I know.

I agree it’s crazy.
I love TH. But he is an assistant football coach.
Essentially zero administrative experience.

Tim wants to be a head coach.

Yes that is crazy. No way we hire a RB coach to be AD.

I would rather have Tim as the head coach over Gus. Tim has worked under a lot of great coaches.

As far as Tim as a HC (anywhere), I think he is about 52 or 53??? Not old, but a little old to get your first HC job. Most of the guys who make it to a P5 school as a head coach are head coaches somewhere by their early to mid 40 I would think (could be way off, I didn’t research that).