Do the players not like Starkel?

I’m just curious as to what’s going on with the bad body language on the sidelines last week. The fumble was all Whaley’s fault the ball was put right where it should have been but when he got the sideline he didn’t want to hear it from nobody, you could tell he clearly thought it was starkel falls turn his back away and walked off from him and when boyd tried to talk to him he didn’t want to hear him either… I later saw Boyd and Hicks talking on the sidelines… there may be nothing to this but I got a sneaking suspicion that for some reason the players may not like Starkel. The kid is very talented and carries himself very confidently I don’t know what that is rub some the wrong way but I think I see some clear dissension on the team about this

That’s how rumors get started.

Just asking the question. Because I have not seen Whaley act like that the whole time he’s been here.

Haven’t heard anything like that. I’m told the kids like them both.

I think Starkel is a good dude and there are no issues in that regard. I believe receivers love it when the ball is on time. Knox was very complimentary of Starkel after the game.

It’s been my experience that players like the quarterback who puts them in the end zone the most.

I’d have to imagine Whaley is upset with himself. His career hasn’t turned out to be what he thought, this is his last shot to do something, he’s seeing fewer snaps than any time in his career, and he’s already put the ball on the ground twice in two games. I’d be mad too

You’re seeing all this from TV and think it’s worth posting? :thinking:

that’s great to hear I was just curious because I have never seen Whaley act like that and I know boyd and Hicks were talking a lot on the sideline.I could tell Knox loved the way Starfall threw the ball so hopefully this is much Ado about nothing but I was just curious thanks Clay and Richard

Yeah I sure do!!! Why I asked it🙄 because if they did not like him that could be very bad for the team but glad there’s nothing to it

Th bad body language is likely coming from the team not playing as well as it should.

To my knowledge, there are no issues with Starkel and the team.

In fact, my guess is they are okay with the move because of what they have seen in practice.

I tried to tell everyone that he would be QB1 sooner than later.

Yeah I have totally agreed with you on that Dudley I have always thought starkel would be the better prepared for the SEC because he’s played in it but figured Hicks we get first chance because of his knowledge of the offense. Glad there’s nothing to the body language though

Foolish speculation drives the board I suppose. Hicks was on the sideline looking extremely disgruntled. Does losing his grunt mean one should perceive he is about to walk away from the program? Being able to read so much from body language on television is big news. I’m surprised Wally didn’t pick up on that and do a column already.

Well I’m very sensitive to that type of stuff because I have seen firsthand how quick it can destroy a team. Nothing is more disruptive to a team than player dissension and if it’s not nipped in the bud now it will run like cancer to the team.I trust the people like clay Dudley and Richard who are around the team that’s why I asked it because I wanted to know if there was a it was hardly foolish speculation because I’ve been there and lived it and seen the looks Whaley gave Starkel before.

I would not say it was foolish. But would indeed call it speculative. So be it. We all speculate.

I saw that too. I don’t know how others did not. Anyway, I think it was an opportunity for Starkel to say “my bad” and let it end there. He needs to be the leader…and leaders, er good leaders, lead by showing public accountability.

I saw it several times when camera’s went to Hicks and a couple buddies mentioned he looked like he was either pissed or pouting about being pulled. Not speculating anything, just what others saw and mentioned. If he is such a great team player as we have heard from the coaches then he should be going around and supporting and encouraging his team during the game.

Maybe when he was talking to Boyd, maybe Boyd was asking him…say man, how’d you miss my boy Whaley…he was wide freaking open down the seam for 6?? :slight_smile:

Hicks has had his opportunities now it is time to see what Starkel can do.

I don’t think hes disliked at all. I think hes well liked. One thing about football players that always holds true, is talent respects talent. They definitely respect his ability. I do think the young guys, like Trey Knox are very fond of him. He and trey, Andrew vest, Stromberg, and a few others are always hanging out together.

Well to me it looked like Starkel was explaining that he put the ball right where he should have but Whaley did not want to hear any of it just walked away from him I saw starkle walking behind him as if to try to talk with him but he was not in any mood to talk to anybody not even his running mate Boyd. I totally understand frustration though maybe that’s all it was we will move on and get better hopefully

Yeah, I thought that was actually brought up on here when it happened Saturday night. I know several other boards were speaking about it as well.

Not sure what was going on, but I’m sure it’s behind them now

Whaley would have had two TDS against OM if it were not for faulty QB execution.