Do the Golden Lions have a QB

Who is capable of being an Elway for a day? Asking for a friend.

Indeed, he is a scrambler.

Well if past is predicate, he should have a very fine day. Though it won’t be nearly enough.

Could the Golden Lions beat Vandy if they were playing in War Memorial tomorrow?

If tomorrow’s outcome is in doubt in the second quarter, I’ll be.shocked. I suppose our players could be so lackadaisical that it can be closer than it should, but unless we completely lay an egg, PB just doesn’t have the personnel to hang with us. I say that knowing that WKU didn’t have that kind of personnel, either, but this team hasn’t quit like the Morris teams did.

I doubt it

I do not think UAPB should beat Vandy. Get to 5-3 with no injuries and end it is asap is most excitement I can drum up (shout out to the half time entertainment).

I do look forward to seeing the young guys play. About it and no injuries.

UAPB Would likely be blown out by Vandy. If not for idiotic strategy on the last drive of the game, Vandy would have beat South Carolina in Columbia last week. The Golden Lions are likely only the 4th best team in Arkansas. I expect a blowout over a hapless opponent, and that’s OK. After the schedule we have played the past 17 games or more, we could be excused if we scheduled the UALR intramural flag football champions.

UAPB’s only win this year was over a Division II team. They do not look nearly as good as they did in the spring.

So it is even possible that a couple of the state’s D-2 teams could be better than the Golden Lions?

Well the young guys didn’t show us very much…

No they didn’t. Glad we’ve got a week to heal and get our minds right for the home stretch.

Agree. The O was a mess. Seems the D did a little better. I thought the 1st team defense continued that sub par play as well.

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