Do the coaches want Gooden or not?

He keeps saying he wants to go to Arkansas. He keeps getting offers. Just got one from Tennessee. Our coaches have talked to him. We need D linemen.

Is he a Plan B? Are we on others we have evaluated as better? Does he want to commit and we won’t take it?

Ma, I agree something is not right with this situation…

Coaches are seeing him tomorrow.

He’s expecting Chavis or Scott this week.

Typical Arkansas we play around with players that are good and want to be Razorbacks and end up with more 2 and 3 star players who wouldn’t crack the rotation at the Auburns, LSu, and Alabamas of the world. Stop playing and get the guy onboard at least seeing more 4 stars on our commitment list gives we the fans more hope

Want! You should consider if the young man qualifies and is able to gain eligibility.
That’s my first thought. Let the coaches figure it out and do their job. If he’s qualified I would imagine they will sign him.
I do know the hogs need defensive lineman that can play and have the foot speed and ability to get off blocks to control the line of scrimmage.

Yeah, the coaches should get who “you” want, not who “they” want. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you aren’t the head coach, and Morris isn’t back in Texas??

To be honest, I expected Gooden to be a Hog, but the TN offer yesterday changed my opinion. His Twitter went from almost all AR tweets to almost all TN tweets, and his family played for TN -per Emmitt. To me when you see that while recruiting it means bad news for the school that was jerking him around (in this case us).

Coaching is not my calling I’m just a fan who is expressing my opinion which doesn’t matter cause I’m not the coach yet in you that you said correctly. But nonetheless I would like to see them get higher rated recruits for hope’s sake

I’d prefer they sign the players they want, I don’t worry about stars or ratings.

Obviously - if you read mine and Richard’s posts and the visit list - you know they are going after highly-ranked kids that are left out there.

As far as Emmit, I think he is getting these offers because he is one of the best ones left out there.

It’s pretty simple as far as Arkansas - the staff has 6-8 spots left and OL Noah Gatlin is getting one. You have 3-4 left on defense and they are deciding if he is one. If he had fore sure been a mid-t3erm, I think he would already be here.

As of now, I don’t think anything is going to happen with Emmit. Can always change but I think it’s unlikely.