Do something that’s never been done!

Ironic that this was Auburn’s rally cry before their game with Kentucky.

Now it is (probably) being said in the Hogs’ locker room.

I know, I know, this is “just another game” (as J Will said recently). But these players and coaches know better. #1 doesn’t just roll into Fayetteville every year. Who would have thought when UNLV left town it would take 30 years before another opportunity would come? Especially after joining the SEC (I mean, surely Kentucky would bring a #1 team in here occasionally, right?).

Obviously, players and coaches will say publicly what is appropriate for that moment. But if anyone thinks a program led by Eric Musselman isn’t salivating at the opportunity to market the effects of beating #1, you’re being naive.

Oh, sure, the importance of this game will be downplayed in the locker room to the degree that it takes to keep the players loose. But they know. And I suppose, when the players speak after we beat Pearl and his gang, they will confirm that they knew this was an opportunity to do something that’s never been done at Arkansas.


It is a big game. But the preparation is the same. That’s how you develop consistency. All good coaches understand that. It is what these players get on a daily basis: prepare the same every day for every game. The scouting reports are emphasized in the same manner. Consistency is what makes a Ritz Carlton good. You know what that pillow will feel like. I’ve heard Musselman preach that. It’s a sound approach.


Agree. Stay consistent. I’ve seen his use of the pillow as a visual aide when making this exact point. This approach is why the Hogs will be ready tonight, and after we beat them we will likely “act like we’ve been there”.

Then again, we haven’t been there as a program. At least not beating #1 in “our house”. Which is why this game has a different significance, even if you do approach it the same as all the others.

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I counted Pine Bluff “as our house,” and anyone who was there knows it was a great home atmosphere. North Carolina’s brass was stunned. I was in their locker room afterwards and talked to Steve Hale (who I covered at Jenks). They all thought it would be quite a bit closer to neutral and expected some Carolina fans. There were almost none.


For some reason they brought their pep band, which was approximately six inches behind me on press row. The UNC fight song has been burned into my brain ever since. Also may have been the start of my hearing loss which is becoming substantial. But other than the band members, I don’t remember any UNC fans.

I had a seat behind our second-half goal in Pine Bluff, which gave me a prime view of CB’s winning basket. I was also sick and tired of the NC fight song by the end of the game, which they seemed to play every 30 seconds (it is an insipid, simple tune). Maybe the weather had something to do with the lack of NC fans.

I suspect they figured Arkies wouldn’t care and UNC fans could scoop up tickets on whatever ticket resale options were available then.

Frequently in those days ACC people thought nobody played basketball west of Lexington until you got to UCLA. Kinda like SEC fans are about football now…

Lyrics to that insipid tune:
I’m a Tar Heel born
I’m a Tar Heel bred,
And when I die I’m a Tar Heel dead.
So it’s Rah! Rah! Car’lina!

We had seats on the NC end for the 2nd half. I was so glad we went to that game!

I felt like the announcers at the PB game were against us and was it Al McGuire who called a pivotal NC shot good that never went in? He claimed he was referring to the shot clock and maybe he was but it kind of made me mad at the time. That and this one are both great wins.


@silverlakehog We were sitting behind the same goal as you. But way up at the top. Charles shot will forever be burned into my brain. What a great day.

I watched on tv and remember that well. I had the same reaction. Maybe he was just referring to the shot clock, but that’s not how it sounded.

It was Steve Hale’s attempt at a buzzer beater, which would have counted if he had made it.

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