Do not park in north end zone for basketball!

In the past , sometimes, I would park in the north end zone at Razorback stadium and walk to Bud Walton arena for Basketball games. Yesterday we did so and when we got back to my car there was a surprise gift from the University. A $125 parking violation ticket. This is the first year they are doing it , apparently. There was no one checking parking passes but within 5 minutes of parking , I was ticketed.( the time is on the ticket) I plan to appeal and will not pay, regardless of the outcome. A friend of mine , who works at the U of A and would know says that this is being directed by the athletic department. So be aware!!

That lot is scholarship parking this year. They come by durning to game to check parking passes. The only free parking is due west on Razorback Road

Yes they’ve been sending emails out about it, but maybe only to season ticket holders. Guess they needed more parking for the sold out arena.

Yes they do

There’s also free parking in the parking garage east of the stadium. A friend and I went to the game last Monday night. We were planning to park in the lot north of the stadium, which is where I’ve usually parked, but (thankfully, it seems) there was a parking attendant at the entrance who directed us to the garage.

I wasn’t thrilled with the garage. We waited behind cars about 20-30 minutes after the game to get out. And the arena was only half full Monday night, so I’ll try somewhere else next time.

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