We need the Board of Trustees to orchestrate the much needed overhaul. Start at the top with the vice chancellor of athletics, Jeff Long. If the Board of Trustees allow Long to fire CBB and hire the new coach, the BOT either does not understand or does not care about the direction of the program. We care, but we need to see there is a plan in place to fix things correctly. The current product we are seeing has caused apathy in the fan base. We will be able measure the apathy when we see the crowd at the Coastal Carolina game. BTW, Coastal Carolina is probably the only game we will be favored in the remainder of the season. We need a long term approach. New leadership for the athletic program ASAP. Surely, the BOT has identified qualified candidates for the AD position by now. SURELY. Analyzing what needs to be done has an analogy with our football team. It is not the Offense, Defense, special teams or the QB position that need to be fixed. Did you see the reaction of our QB today as he was getting his head knocked off? I am thankful Auburn did not break his back. We simply do not have enough players to compete to the level of mediocrity in the SEC. I do not think we have the coaching style employed to trick the opponent, either. Either the new AD or the BOT also need to make the change of making the buyout of CBB happen within 72 hours after the last game. My priority is not the recruiting class(or lack thereof), that is not as important as getting the right people in place. Sooner rather than later on these issues. BOT, it is past time to step up and give us a long term approach for the plethora of problems we have. You can get the new AD hired and in place prior to the end of the bowl season. Timing is everything in personnel decisions.

BOT, we the clients, need your help. Step up and do the right thing. Shame on you if you do not have a plan in place. If you do not, good luck. And BTW, “you are either part of the solution or the problem”. I guess we will see if you have the fortitude to do the right thing by us… the clients.

Does anyone have a better plan?

The AD is staying, expect an announcement of a contract extension very soon.

Does anyone have a better plan?
[/quote]My experience tells me that the best plans are kept close to the vest and communicated in a carefully orhestrated manner on the schedule that best supports the successful implementation of said plan. All that said, just because we don’t know a plan, it does not mean there is not one. Chances are that a plan is not yet in final form. I suspect the decision makers have far more confidence in Long than his detractors on this and other boards, I do as well.

Jeff Long is in charge of the athletic program, not just the football team. Arkansas has 17 varsity sports, 19 if you count indoor track as a separate sport. Football is only one of those 19. And the powers that be look at a lot more than the football team’s record in evaluating the athletic program. Last year, 16 of the 19 qualified for postseason competition, either at the NCAA level or a bowl game. There’s also the academic component (significantly improved under JL), the financial aspect (revenue keeps growing and it’s not just SEC Network money, and we’re continually improving facilities in multiple sports) and the avoidance of probation/scandal (which is what just got Tom Jurich dumped at Louisville).

I’ve come to accept that excluding a massive turnaround, BB is almost certainly gone. But throwing out Jeff Long because one team isn’t performing is throwing out the baby with the bath water.

If you fire you JL, the new HC won’t be any one with any real proven track record. Good HCs don’t take a job not knowing who the AD is going to be, and you can’t wave a wand and hire a new AD in two weeks and tell him he has to hire a new HC in the first five days on the job. The AD job is way too important to rush a hire. Fire JL and you won’t name a new coach until some time in January, maybe not until after the NC championship game.

Now you could fire him and have a search committed do the HC hire, which almost always leads to disappointment, and likely won’t lead to any quicker hire.

Thanks for the well thought out replies, especially Keith Guthrie and the nlr buzzard. I am embarrassed by a program I support financially. I just want the powers that be to make a good decision and give us hope. HOPE allows supporters to renew season tickets.

I like JL and support him as AD, but as many good things as he has done the next football hire has to work.

Why not bring in Barry Alvarez and make him Deputy Athletic Director over Football Operations.?

Football brings most of the money to the “program”. It really does not matter if women’s golf,softball, and basketball are top notch. Without a successful football program, the university does not have the money to fund the non revenue sports. The AD’s first job is securing funding for the program. Without money, nothing works.

To paraphrase James Carvill, it’s about the money stupid.

Get a great coach now before the mess gets worse!

Uh, no.

Uh, yes, unless he doesn’t accept the contract. It’s a done deal.

Jeff receives a contract extension every year. It’s written into his contract that his contract is extended one year each July, unless the chancellor notifies him in writing that his contract will not be extended. That has never happened, meaning he is under contract now through June 2022.

So I’ll be surprised if he is getting a contract extension. And based on a recent FOIA request, nothing has been proposed in that regard.

BOT has every reason to be pleased with Jeff Long. To call for HIS head is a knuckle-dragging over-reaction…not to mention a full-bore misunderstanding of how a BOT works.

As noted elsewhere, the chain of command will communicate discreetly and appropriately, developing a plan if one is needed. Something will happen, but the magnitude is yet to be determined. It may be a “plan in place” but the timing needs to be better for it to be implemented.

The Cardinal sin seems to be having the team quit fighting. Hard to recover from that, and hard to disguise that it has happened. Coaches have survived - ask Kevin Sumlin and Gus Malzahn. I don’t know that A&M or Auburn have laid down quite like UA did in the 2nd half Saturday but they were certainly preparing themselves for a coaching search when the coach turned it around. This is probably the week for that to happen, in spades, or we are just playing with our pockets until the Monday following Mizzou.

According to a current member of the BOT, not only is he not getting his contract extended but he has made his last hire as the AD here.

Would seem to be some ‘fake news’ flying around on this post :lol:

You’re correct, but football revenues are still very good. I admit that could change with a string of bad years, but it’s not going to with one bad year. (Last year was not a bad year. It was ahead of where we’d been until the final two games.) This year has been a bad year. Even if CBB stays I doubt we see a revenue decrease next year. If CBB is gone, the program will gather around the new coach & support him. It won’t matter who the AD is.

I remember when a whole bunch of people wanted to fire Frank Broyles. First as coach and later as AD.
1967 was the first year I heard it. Then in 1971 until he retired as coach. People were calling for his head as AD as early as the late 80’s (perhaps earlier, but I remember it more then.) People always want to fire somebody.

So, I guess you have a link to his original contract? His extension and raise in 2013 has no mention of a rollover contract and only extends the term for 5 years.

It is outlined in Section 12 of his employment agreement. In the sixth amendment to his contract in 2015, the term was extended to 2020 and was rolled over on July 1, 2016, and July 1, 2017. He is under contract through June 30, 2022.

Then what’s his buyout? It currently only shows $100,000 for 2018, surely someone who can make $15.4m be only $5.9m didn’t fail to negotiate that??