Do I dare Listen to Bo Mattingly Tomorrow?

on the Air will we get?

1.Torches and Pick forks at the proverbial gates?

  1. Hurt but respect from a Fan base that saw Kids play their hearts out?

or worse:

  1. Crickets - because the fans don’t care anymore

Rest assured the best armchair coaches in all of AR & beyond will be spewing their game plans that should be implemented.
What players should be on the field & when.

Oh then fire the complete Coaching Staff, AD, Univ Pres, Chancelor, etc.

As wrong as I think that would be - at least it’s passion

As another poster posted in another tread

“I’m tired of losing”

I’m tired - at least if the fans are complaining they are still connected and want more

When they don’t care / it’s over

My hope is there are enough fans who show a character like the team has - that applaud the effort and growth showing recruits - you need to come to Arkansas because the fans are special

I’m may be expecting too much

Good points, if this board goes quiet, radio talk shows go quiet, crowds become sparse, it’s over.
Don’t think that will ever happen, Hog Fans are historical & generational.

I think Arkansas fans have an opportunity to show they were there when it was bad and help Coach Morris build

The recuiting - the coaching - the mature leadership - I think we have a good future

Maybe not as strong as we were in the SWC but a program that influences the SEC