Do college football staffs usually have a special teams coach?

If so, should we hire a special teams coach?

Some teams do, some don’t. BB distributes special team duties among the assistants. Pittman was to blame for our problems with field goal protection last year; Kurt Anderson seems to have fixed that. At Bama, I think Nick Saban personally takes care of special teams. LSU’s linebackers coach Bradley Dale Peveto (who was on Danny Ford’s staff here) is also in charge of their special teams.

I don’t think there is any reason to believe our special teams would be any better if we had a special teams coordinator. Because of coaching staff limits, anyone in charge of ST (like the LSU guy) would also have other duties. I think a bigger issue is the NCAA limit on practice and meeting time. There is only so much you can do to get ready for each game each week in 20 hours or whatever the limit is.

Some teams have designated “coordinators,” but my opinion is that is to inflate salaries in most cases. It’s a way to get former head coaches or coordinators (John L. Smith) extra pay or a better title than a position coach. Special teams are an all hands on deck effort for almost every team. All of the assistants play a role.

There may be a coach named Special Teams Coordinator on some staffs, but that is generally just a way to get him a pay bump. With nine assistants, I don’t know anyone who just hires a coach and tells them he handles all of the special teams. It’s generally split between coaches and a joint effort on some. Generally, the two coordinators don’t have much duty on special teams and that would be Robb Smith and Dan Enos. Offensive line coach is going to handle protections. Then, the other duties are split up. Generally, you do look at what areas a coach has handled in the past when you hire position coaches so that you have all the special teams locked up with some expertise.